Axis of Evil piercing throughout Universe changes scientific conception of space

The latest WMAP (Wilkinson Microwave Anisotropy Probe) data release has nearly put the scientific community into a state of shock. WMAP is a NASA satellite designed to survey the sky to measure the temperature of cosmic background radiation of different parts of the galaxy. The probe detected the existence of a strange line in the depths of space. The line pierces through out the universe and shapes its spatial model. The line was dubbed an “axis of Evil” by scientists.

“The discovery casts doubts on all contemporary concepts of the nature and development of the universe,” says Leonid Speransky, an astrophysicist and professor with the Lomonosov State University in Moscow. “Even the Einstein theory of relativity seems obsolete now. Until recently space and time were believed to have unfolded in a chaotic way after the Big Bang, and the universe was thought to be homogeneous and expanding continuously. Now scientists will have to acquiesce to an ordered way of development of the universe as if it was born and develops in compliance with a scenario written beforehand.”

What kind of a scenario is it and who penned it? The question puzzles scientists.

The standard model of modern physics including the Big Bang theory is no longer capable of providing an explanation of principal characteristics if the observable universe e.g. its temperature, expansion and even the existence of galaxies in it. Problems tend to multiply year in and year out. Even the black holes emit radiation in contradiction with all existing laws of physics. The holes are surrounded by some strange fluorescent matter spinning around at high speed. The recent discovery of a ring composed of bright stars in the center of Andromeda galaxy has stumped scientists. The stars simply are not supposed there. A black hole located in the very center of the galaxy is again to blame. Stars and other heavenly bodies normally can not lie in the vicinity of such an object.

“The term “axis of Evil” was put to use by the cosmologist Joao Magoeio at the London Imperial College ,” says Prof. Speransky. “It is he who first found out that the “cold” and “warm” areas of the metagalaxy happened to be lying in the sky in a somewhat organized way. A computer simulation proved that the above distribution of fluctuations could occur only in case of a considerably smaller-sized universe,” adds he.

Magoeio arrived at the conclusion that the axis of Evil was not bad at all and should be renamed an “axis of Good.” “The so-called standard model of the universe is really ugly and complicated. Hopefully, the old model will be deleted in the near future,” says the scientist in an article published by Nature magazine. Anyway, the cosmic background radiation measurements taken by WMAP seem to indicate a certain orientation or a plan. The orientation of the whole structure of the universe is built around a special gigantic line, according to scientists.

“By all appearances the world is about to witness a revolution in terms of the scientific concept of the universe. Its consequences may exceed all the expectations. The incompatibles will have to be united by a new theory, which will probably be a much-sought-after “universal Theory.” Physicists have been talking about a needful theory like that for a few years,” says Speransky.

However, story may be much simple than it seems. All the “axis of Evil” might as well stem from an error occurred during the calculation. It would be quite unsurprisingly since the temperature of the cosmic background radiation is 2.7 degrees Calvin while the measuring accuracy of the temperature anisotropy is at the level of a few thousandth fractions of percent.

Nezavisimaya Gazeta

Translated by Guerman Grachev

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Author`s name Dmitry Sudakov