The feeling of love strongly depends on aromas and hormones

Everything that people call love is just chemistry, which has its one basic function

The so-called pheromone sexuality theory exists for several years already. It is an open secret that odors can manipulate people despite their intentions and will. Best French perfumes always contain extracts of mammal sex glands for that subtle purpose.

Women's endocrine glands secrete special hormone substances, which have an arousing effect on men. The majority of modern men, however, do not sense those substances. Scientists found an artificial way to synthesize and add them to perfumes. The effect turned out to be quite amazing.

Human beings have quite paradoxical relations with the world of aromas. On the one hand, people wish to surround themselves with artificial aromas, although they can not imagine their lives without peculiar natural human odors.

Why did nature place the nose in the center of the face? Scientists believe that such a location is not incidental. Human ancestors used to look for food with the help of the nose; they sensed danger with it and informed their partners of their readiness for sex. The impulse of the smell that the nose sends to the brain is still faster than the pain impulse. A newborn baby neither hears nor sees, but a baby can quickly smell the difference between its biological mother and a wet nurse, for example.

The human nose identifies substances instantly. Unlike animals' noses, however, the smelling device of a human being works in the maximum capacity of only ten percent. Acute sense of smell can be found with people suffering from hysteria, neurasthenia or brain diseases. Such patients can distinguish natural blonds from natural brunettes, for example, with the help of their noses only. Men, who suffer from acute sense of smell, can exercise their male qualities with blond women only; they will have a sexual debacle with dark-haired women.

The acute sense of smell is not a symptom of a disease. There is a rather small group of people, known as degustators. They can use their remarkable abilities for professional career in the perfume industry, for example.

English scientists studied secrets of women's sex appeal and its connection with pheromones.  Scientists are sure that every human being has his or her peculiar aromas – a blend of gene-determined odors, skin type, hair color, temperament and even diet. This cocktail of odors plays a very special role in choosing a sexual partner. As it turned out, women prefer the smell of men, the DNA of whom is completely different from their own genome, and vice versa.

It is generally believed, however, that the smell of sweat is the typical human smell. As a matter of fact, the true human smell come from special glands situated in the armpits, around the nipples, on the head, in the eye area and in intimate places. A woman develops a particular musky smell during intimate minutes of love.

Biologically active substances, such as amphetamines, endorphins and oxytocins are in charge of human feelings. When two people are in love, their inner state can be compared to narcotic intoxication. Oxytocin increases the sensitivity of nerve endings and stimulates muscle contractions. It is oxytocin that makes two people go to bed and experience the ultimate satisfaction of a human relationship.

Amphetamines are referred to the group of stress substances in the human body. The body gradually develops adaptability to amphetamins: the need in them constantly grows to excite nerve centers and maintain the feeling of love. A human being cannot secret enough of them after three or four years of love. The modern statistics of divorces confirms the critical time period: the peak of divorces occurs on the fourth year of marriage (the research was conducted in 62 countries).

Those people, who managed to overcome the critical point, must be thankful to other chemical substances – endorphins, which have a pacifying effect, like morphine. Spouses can enjoy very primitive feelings during this period, which is referred to as affection. This is a long-awaited calm after a storm of passion.

According to the chemical form of love, the best time to give birth to children coincides with the time, when the stress group of amphetamines runs out of its energy on a person, i.e. in three or four years of having a relationship. If a couple wishes to preserve romance, it would be good for them to have a baby as soon as possible, without years of waiting. If two people have a second child three years after they have the first one, their marriage might last for another four years owing to the appropriate biological nourishment.

Consequently, everything that people call love is just chemistry, which has its one basic function: to execute the goal of nature.

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Author`s name Olga Savka