Telepathy: truth or fiction?!

Almost every one of us has experienced telepathy at least once in his/her lifetime.

For instance, there are times when you could be doing your regular chores around the house and all of a sudden you hear your inner voice telling you to phone your friend. The moment you hear his/her voice on the other end of the line, the person tells you he/she was just thinking of phoning you. Such is a simple example of telepathy.

Systematic research work of this phenomenon began as early as 1882 in Britain. Researchers developed rather serious approach to solve the mystifying essence of telepathy. In 1926 director of Leningrad’s humanitarian society, professor L.L. Vasyliev published a book entitled “Mystic phenomena of human psyche.” In it, the author describes several cases of the so-called spontaneous telepathy. Several attempts to register electromagnetic fields around a man’s head failed to yield any results. Vasyliev was unable to determine electromagnetic oscillations of live creatures due to the lack of ultra sensitive technology. Today, however, the existence of such waves has been confirmed. They do in fact exist.

Back in the days, USSR's administration demonstrated tremendous interest in such phenomenon as telepathy. In mid 60s, according to “Komsomolskaya Pravda” (05.02.1999), a secret lab of academician Joseph Aideiman in USSR tried to prove scientifically the existence of telepathy. Ministry of Defense had initiated the formation of the so-called “cell #241” involving 12 men, all of whom were mathematicians, physicists, physiologists and doctors. Experiments were carried out on animals and humans alike. According to one of the former members of the “cell” Kirill Leontovich, there were quite a few impostors among those “parapsychologists.”

Nevertheless, nobody intended to refuse from advancing in their area of study. In order to avoid even the slightest possibility of imposture, they began conducting experiments while the subjects were far away from each other.

Nowadays, scientists provide rather neutral accounts regarding telepathy. For instance, professor Natalya Bekhtereva doesn’t rule out the possibility that “telepathy could be one of the super-powers of human psyche.” Another Russian physicists hypothesized that “telepathy could exist within short distances from the subjects.” According to him, “biochemical and biophysical processes are interconnected with mental processes of the brain. They in turn can generate electromagnetic radiance.

Usually, those physicists who deny the existence of telepathy end to claim that the radiance is way too weak and its signal is hardly noticeable on major distances. The fact is, however, that we refer to a very complex signal. Perhaps, human brain is capable of spotting such signals from surrounding noise. Such cases are well-known in radio electronics.”

Some scientists are practically certain of the fact that a mere thought represents a particular field, created by the brain: “numerous synaptic connections in human brain neurons create localized magnetic fields around themselves, which in turn tend to interact with each other thus forming a three-dimensional magnetic field…”. Professor Okhatrin managed to calculate and create special device to monitor those micro-lepton fields. In his opinion, thoughts are formed from these very micro-leptons. These bodies can easily penetrate other bodies and objects, let sunshine pass right through them; yet, they remain invisible for the human eye.

It is known that telepathy tends to occur between closely related individuals, spouses. Lab experiments also prove this fact.

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Author`s name Andrey Mikhailov