The future of male pregnancy is drawing near

Taiwanese American Lee Mingwei has already become first pregnant man in history

There is a very peculiar phenomenon in modern medicine, known as Couvade Syndrome. This ailment can occur only with men, when they suffer from signs and symptoms of their expectant partners. The word “couvade” comes from the French “couver” meaning “to hatch.” Men, who suffer from Couvade Syndrome, may have morning sickness, backaches, and even weight gain. Scientists determined that about 11 percent of expectant fathers experience this strange phenomenon. The syndrome can be described as the embodiment of psychogenic disorders that can be found among young men who have pregnant wives. Specialists say that pathological feelings of a young husband correspond to the physical and emotional experience of his pregnant wife.

An expectant father may notice symptoms of the ailment during the third month of his wife's pregnancy. Men, who suffer from the syndrome, are extremely worried about the health of their pregnant wives. They also feel guilty in front of their expectant wives, because men do not know what pregnancy is and what physical pain it brings to women.

It goes without saying that Couvade Syndrome is not common with all expectant fathers. Valeri Marilov, a professor of the medical psychology department of the Russian University of International Friendship, said that the ailment usually occurs with young men between 21 and 27 years of age, who experience their first marriage and their wives' first pregnancy. “Such men are usually infantile and hysterical personalities. They cannot control their anxiety, they do not have a psychological mechanism for it,” the professor said.

Canadian scientists determined that expectant fathers suffering from Couvade Syndrome experience hormonal alterations as the time of the birth draws near. Researchers found out that the testosterone level evens out during the last three weeks before the child's birthday. In addition, would-be fathers have higher estrogen, whereas the cortisol level is lower than usual. Scientists believe that men can have such hormonal changes as a result of their adaptive reaction to decreasing requirement in sexual relations before the childbirth.

Couvade Syndrome gives men an opportunity to fully experience almost all difficulties of child-bearing. It is not ruled out, though, that men will be able to become pregnant and give birth to children in the near future too.
The website of the RYT Hospital-Dwayne Medical clinic presents a detailed story of Mr. Lee Mingwei – the American artist, who became pregnant in the middle of 2002. Mingwei became the first pregnant man in history as a result of an operation, when surgeons implanted an embryo and placenta into his abdominal cavity. The website also has pictures of Mingwei's ultrasonic scanning. The story says that the man is about eight or nine months pregnant. Apparently, artists are very special when it comes to pregnancy – there seems to be no other way to explain the reason why the heroic Taiwanese American is still pregnant.

It has been officially announced that modern men already have a possibility to become pregnant. Leading IVF specialist, Robert Winston, says that his medical technique allows to implant artificially grown human embryos in the abdominal cavity of a man. Pregnant men will have to deliver their children by means of Cesarean section, of course. The technique implies the junction of placenta with one of internal abdominal organs, which will be nourishing the fetus. A pregnant man will also be receiving female hormones that will make for the development of mammary glands. Winston set forth and described the male pregnancy theory in his book titled “IVF Revolution.” Proponents of the theory say that there are actually no reasons that can stop a man from becoming pregnant and giving birth to a child.

Swedish professor Mats Brannstrom also thinks that male pregnancy is an absolutely possible phenomenon to happen in modern life. The professor believes that it will also be possible to implant female uterus in a man's body. Scientists have already conducted successful experiments on animals. One just have to realize what practical use can be derived from such blatant violation of natural laws.

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Author`s name Olga Savka