Dreams prophesize illnesses

A lot of people, who suffered a heart attack, say that the attack had been preceded with a bad dream

Human brain is capable of signaling a forthcoming disease. Signals are “transmitted” when a person is asleep. They usually mean the presence of a disease, although one may have absolutely no symptoms of it. Dreams may often show, in which part of the body a disease will develop, or which organs it is going to hit.

Any book on dream interpretations says that a dream, in which a person sees raw meat, means that a person is sick or is going to fall ill. As rule, such drams come true, although no one can explain the reason of this mystery. There are other sickness-predicting signs in the dreams: blood, a fight, animals' bites, falling out teeth, fires and burns. People usually find such dreams heavy and impressive.

A dream can be a forerunner of both physical and psychological disorders. If you experience a family conflict for more than a week, you may have a dream about missing a train, getting lost in the streets of a city or being stalked by someone.

A lot of people, who suffered a heart attack, say that the attack had been preceded with a bad dream, in which someone tried to strangle them. The dream may have other variants too: a person is unable to evade a blow in the chest, or an individual sees himself wearing very tight clothes, in which it is hard to breathe.

A sick liver or a pancreas may cause images, in which one sees himself eating bad food or gazing at bad fish, meat or rotten fruit. Dreams about having birth pangs, or about being wounded in the stomach usually predict forthcoming gastrointestinal disturbances. If the respiratory system is at risk, one may see a dream about being buried alive, or feeling something very heavy on the chest. Dreams about wearing handcuffs, irons, tight shoes, or being unable to stand up signal joints and spine ailments.

Not all nightmares are dangerous, though. Dreams are usually multi-dimensional: they can predict future and retrieve the past. A man, who suffered a car accident several years ago, was walking on a street and suddenly saw exactly the same car that had run him over long ago. The man's subconsciousness was terrified to recollect the tragic accident. As a result, the man had a nightmare at night: he saw himself bandaged. The bad dream was not a sign of a future trouble – it was simply a recollection of the past. That is why, one should be careful with the dream interpretation.

It goes without saying that a lot of books about the meaning of dreams are fakes. Ancient books, however, are based on scrupulous observations and researches. The Dream Dictionary by Gustavus Hindman Miller, compiled more than 100 years ago, is one of such books. It has become a handbook for psychiatrists, who use it in their work to look in their clients' minds.
Below is the list of most common images, which prophesize upcoming illnesses, according to Miller's dictionary:

to see yourself naked
to eat an unripe fruit
a white butterfly
a broken vase or a goblet
to hear a drum-roll
to see yourself toothless (seeing someone else toothless means success)
receding hair, clipped off nails
a mirror
to swim in dirty water
a dark maze
to walk among snakes, flies and bugs
a lunar eclipse
a dry rose bush
broken tools
to walk in the woods or hear a cuckoo
to walk on ice
to see someone with blood-stained hands
to see a live raven or a dead rook
icicles on a roof
to be carried in the stream of a stormy river

If such images appear in dreams on a regular basis, you should pay attention to your health and undergo a medical examination just to be on the safe side. A sudden change of dreams is to be perceived as a bad token too. A recurring dream happens, when subconsciousness tries to attract your attention to an important detail or a missed-out event.

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Author`s name Olga Savka