Russian scientists create perpetual space motion machine

The machine can be used to adjust the orbits of space stations

The Russian research institute of space systems develops a perpetual motion machine, which could be used both on Earth and in space. “Specialists of the institute have been working on the so-called engine without reactive mass emissions,” Valery Menshikov, the director of the institute said. The scientists have already created a test model of the unconventional engine, he added.

”The model moves owing to a liquid or a solid body that moves inside the machine. The body moves on a certain trajectory, reminiscent to the one of tornado. As a result, we can probably witness an unknown phenomenon, when the body interacts with the fields, the nature of which has been studied insufficiently, the gravitation field, for example,” Valery Menshikov said.

”We have already registered the traction of up to 28g, but it can so far exist for several minutes only. It may seem that the index is really low. However, if this traction is used for 20 minutes with a 100-kg satellite, it will be able to lift its orbit for more than two kilometers,” scientist of the research institute, Yuri Danshov said.

The new engine will last for 15 years; it will be able to perform about 300,000 operations. The machine is powered with solar batteries. Specialists believe that it will be possible to achieve better results, if the machine is tested in space, or if it is dropped down in a deep shaft, where the fall creates the effect of weightlessness.

”Traditional science compares the research in this field with attempts to develop a perpetual motion machine. However, largest Western companies are very serious about the problem, investing considerable funds in the work,” the director of the Russian institute for space systems, Valery Menshikov said.

Russian scientists believe that it will be possible to use the machine to control and correct the orbits of spacecrafts and space stations. This ecologically pure engine will probably be used with air and ground transport, Itar-Tass reports.

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Author`s name Olga Savka