Mind-boggling find in Crimea

Archaeologists discover witch burial in Crimea

An astonishing find will keep Russian archaeologists occupied for quite some time. Archaeological expedition from the Russian Ust-Alminsk region has made yet another sensational discovery.

In 2003, the same team of researchers unearthed an unlooted burial of a Sarmat girl in a lavish funeral gown; the burial also contained rings, earrings, necklaces and a variety of various golden medals, which had once been attached to clothes.

This fall, Russian archaeologists reported another remarkable find. According to the head of the expedition Alexander Puzdrovsky, the recently discovered unlooted grave, which has been marked №853, contains a woman’s corpse. Based on preliminary analysis, the woman had died in her mid 40s. Wide variety of occult inventory that was found in the grave as well, is indicative of the woman's professional involvement in the world of witchcraft and magic.

9 bronze rings, the same number of bells (perhaps, this particular number had been considered sacred at the time), a whole array of different amulets, beads—all of the items have been unearthed by the archaeologists. The witch must have dug out those accessories from ancient burials in order to intensify her magic powers. The reason the scientists are inclined to believe this is so, has to do with the fact that all the relics date back to a much earlier period than the woman’s corpse.

Judging by the woman's lavish dress, massive golden earrings decorated with garnets, golden necklace and golden medals sewn to her dress, she must have belonged to the upper class.
Experts claim such burial is very unusual for Crimea.Even Ukraine had only once had a similar kind of sensational discovery of a gave of a cult member with similarly elaborate “magic inventory."

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Author`s name Andrey Mikhailov