The world's biggest meteorite field found in Egypt

A team of French and Egyptians scientists claims it has discovered the biggest meteorite field on Earth.

Numerous satellite photographs helped the scientists discover the world's biggest meteorite site (with more than a hundred traces of crashed meteorites) in the region of Egyptian-Lebanese border.

According to a spokesman of the french scientific research center CNRS, the team has already conducted digs at the site and unearthed 13 spots of crashed meteorites.

The scientists claim the meteorite shower remains had hit the earth about 50 million years ago and covered the territory of 5 000 sq km. Craters ranging from 20 meters to 1 kilometer in diameter have been created as a result of the clash. Meteorite remains are buried at 80-meter depth, note the scientists.

Up until recently, Argentinian meteorite field (60 sq kilometers) has been considered the biggest in the world.

This Egyptian find is significant due to the fact that all known meteorite fields have been formed as a result of a clash of remains of a single meteorite, which had fallen into pieces  while entering dense air stratum.

According to the scientists, the newly discovered field in Egypt could have been formed by not one nut several meteorites.

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Author`s name Andrey Mikhailov