Fantasy as the ultimate cure

What does one have to do to find true happiness? Dream!
Fantasies may cure you from an unhappy love affair, heavy drinking or flu.

Psychologist  Vladimir  Kucherenko  can “tune up” his patients’ brains  -  just  like  a  radio  receiver.  He  is  a  lecturer  at the psychological  faculty  of  MSU.  The essence of his method is based on the premise that human brain controls  every  cell  of  our body. So if one gets sick, that's only because  he "let"  that happen. And  if one will concentrate and imagine oneself  young  and strong, the disease will back off. According to Kusherenko, our own fantasy is the ultimate remedy.
Kucherenko  can  program  his patients' brains in such a way that those people will be able to quit smoking, stop drinking excessively; he can even make people improve their handwriting. According to Kucherenko, anyone can be happy no matter how much money he or she possesses.
-  The brain  can  be  regulated.  A person can easily create any emotional condition such as fear or  happiness for him/herself. The main point here is to understand  what  makes  you  happy  and to “dive” into that realm mentally.

A man's character determines the illness.

- People tend to perceive world differently. If a man is unhappy, his perception of things around him will appear black, figuratively speaking. Our purpose therefore is to add colors to “his world”, instead of changing it completely.

An unhappy person could not be healthy. You can't trick the organism; you can't  cure  a  man  without  changing  his character. For instance, those that are afraid  of  everything tend to have  problems with kidneys, while evil people have vulnerable liver.

How to find true Happiness?

1. Think about something good

2. Buy familiar fragrance

You  should  appreciate  anything that makes your happy. Remember that when you were in Nice you bought yourself delightful perfume and while you walked  on the sea-front and the sun was shining straight at you, your admirers  followed you in a tight pack. Do you recall that? I recommend you purchase the same perfume and it'll be easier to survive the dull autumn.

3. Get enough sleep

Sleep is a great remedy from depression. You should go to sleep before 10:00 PM. That way,  it will be easier to revive your powers.

4. No nightmares!

Don't read or watch anything that can upset you before going to sleep. Sleep is the utilization of all sensations acquired during the day; it is the time  when  the  brain  analyses all that has happened during the day. Think positive; read your favorite book.

5. Don't forget about breakfast

A  hungry  man  is  an  angry  man. Such There are products that can cheer up quickly: pears, bananas, chocolate.

6. Don't consider yourself a victim

People fall into several groups in their approach to life. There are the so-called “contemplators” (the “I don’t care about a thing” approach); “aggressors” (the "Everybody is evil to me, but I’ll take vengeance” type), and the so-called “sufferers” with the "I am a victim, everybody uses me" mentality. Neither one of these approaches entails positive thinking.
Be active! Don’t just sit still and wait; do something to improve your life! Keep in mind, there are no hopeless situations.                                                     
7. Call your parents

Give a call to those you love and tell them that you love them. All the feelings we give the world tend to ricochet right back to us. So it's better to give the world warmth and love instead of hatred and defiance.

8. Help your relatives, friends

 9. Speak clearly with your brain

First of all, you should determine what category you fall under:
If you are a Visualist, then you should pay more attention at the things you perceive through this organ; If you are an Audialist, then ears are of utmost importance to you; by the same token a Kinesthetic pays more attention to touch, scent, feelings.

10. Collect pleasant memories

Think of the times when you were happy. "Anchor" yourself in that moment, as psychologists say. Pinch yourself at the hand. The body will remember that  and when you'll repeat this action you'll become happy again.

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Author`s name Andrey Mikhailov