Exotic diets popular in Russia

In recent years, there has been growing interest to the exotic fruit diets in Russia.
A dietitian doctor from Alexandrovsky hospital of St. Petersburg Andrei Dementiev tells about the efficiency of such diets.

“First, a variety of pineapple diets appeared in Russia. The secret of pineapple’s popularity could be easily explained: a unique ferment bromineline breaking up fat, was found in a pineapple. The producers of various "fat destroyers” immediately started using the ferment for their advantage, they launched various medicine on the basis of pineapple extract.

They put forward the ad slogan that "оne gram of bromineline breaks up 900 grams of fat". The majority of women willing to get slim, believed in this. However, the “pineapple therapy” produced no expected stunning results: the majority of the new diet followers did not lose weight.

There is nothing to be surprised about as the rumors on miracle-working attributes of bromineline were greatly exaggerated. For instance, the residents of Western Europe disappointed about bromineline more than 20 years ago.

Pawpaw was one more fruit to be used for diets. Some people even called pawpaw “the food of XXI century”. This name is justified as pawpaw contains plenty of vitamins and the majority of chemical elements. In addition, pawpaw contains a “fat destroyer”.

However, as for pineapple, the pawpaw “fat destroyer” is active only in gastrointestinal tract empty space. After being broken up and absorbed in blood, this ferment loses its activity. For this reason, a pawpaw should be consumed shortly before a meal, during a meal or immediately after it. Only in this case the “fat destroyer” can make an impact to the consumed food.

Тhose being suspicious to some tropical fruits, can use old grapefruit diet. It became popular in our country 20 years ago when Sophie Loren (who was extremely popular in the Soviet Union) told that she ate a grapefruit a day to be slim.
After this, grapefruit was included in many diets. Recently, the scientific proof of grapefruit’s good for diet, was obtained. The element “naringin” which breaks up fat, was found in grapefruit.

There are ferments not only in exotic fruits, but in some berries as well. For example, in a raspberry. Recently the Japanese scholars published the results of their research. They proved the fact that, in addition to vitamins, minerals and pectin elements, raspberry contains a mixture of “fat destroying substances”. After this research was made public, raspberry became more popular in Japan.

Today Japanese dietitians recommend to eat half glass of raspberry 30 minutes before meals. However, it was proved that the enzymes of a raspberry make no impact to the fatty cellular tissue.

Smart Japanese decided to use raspberry for plaster after being disappointed with little efficiency of the berry for a diet. The produces of the plаster soaked with raspberry, claim that using this plaster will make a person slim extremely fast. But it was proved that the diets on the basis of fruits and berries did not justify people’s hopes. These diet only slow down gaining weight, but cannot remove existing fat from one’s body.

Irina Semenova

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Author`s name Olga Savka