People who died on a plane with no crash

Most people are scared of air flights.
The press reports on air crashes too often, and a person feels stressful because of being absolutely helpless if an air crash occurs.

However, even a flight with no crash can take a person’s life. Every year, up to 10,000 people die on a plane.

This is so-called “syndrome of economy class”. This relates to the first class as well, as the problem goes far beyond the price of the ticket. Small salons of the planes, long period of immobility for passengers in uncomfortable sitting posture, lack of water – these factors cause the dangerous syndrome.

During long period of immobility, trombi (clots of blood) are created in legs’ deep veins. However, most often trombi do not cause any trouble to a person. According to researches, up to 10 percent of plane passengers have tromboses, but hardly ever with consequences for themselves.

However, if a thrombus is big enough and tears off the vein surface, it can block the lung artery, causing pain in chest and suffocation. The paroxysm of pain can start not only on the plane, but even several days after the flight. 

The doctors working on this problem, recommend passengers to have much water and move more when on the plane. In Britain, there is a special devise - Airogym, a pill preventing creation of trombi.

There is one more option – to wear special elastic socks on the plane. Some air companies started giving such socks to passengers. British scientists tested the socks and said that no passenger who used them, had a trombosis.
Some doctors recommend to take aspirin before boarding the palne, as this medicine dilutes blood and prevents creating trombi.

CEOs of many air companies realize that passengers should be protected from the “economy class syndrome”. Supplying passengers with devises protecting from trombi, and explaining to them the dangers of trombosis are measures that can be implemented quite easily.

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Author`s name Evgeniya Petrova