Dinosaurs of Jurassic period unveil their secrets in Japan

The exhibition in Japan displays the rarest dinosaur fossil ever found

The World of Dinosaurs exhibition displaying unique findings in various regions of Asia has recently opened in the Japanese city of Chiba. About 250 fossils and reconstructed models of dinosaurs' skeletons can be seen in the Makuhari Messe conference hall. Visitors evince special interest in 30 models of 17 dinosaurs, which have not been displayed in Japan before, the Japanese newspaper Daily Yomiuri wrote.

Paleontologists are extremely interested in Asia at present moment. A lot of important paleontological findings have been discovered there lately. Fossils of the Jurassic and Cretaceous periods have been recently found in China, for example.

One of the most valuable findings is the fossil of a four-winged carnivorous dinosaur, which was uncovered last year in the Chinese province of Liaoning. Scientists believe the dinosaur is the last missing link in the evolution of the birds. The species was not remarkable for its size: it was only 77 centimeters long. However, this dinosaur is considered the rarest among all other fossils ever discovered. The model of this dinosaur's skeleton is represented at the exhibition too. Paleontologists say the lizard could not fly up from a low place.

Many of the fossils of the exhibition were found in Lufen County in Yunnan Province, China, where paleontological works have been especially active in recent years.

The dinosaur called Chuanjesaurus anaensis found in 1995 is one of the most interesting exhibits on the show. It is the largest sauropod dinosaur that ever lived in Asia and the world's most ancient sauropod too. The bones of the animal were uncovered in 2001. The dinosaur is 27 meters long from head to tail. The gigantic size of the beast captivates the visitors of the exhibition.

Yoshikazu Hasegawa, director of the Gunma Museum of Natural History, a supervisor at the exhibition, said: "The Chuanjie area is considered Asia's largest reservoir of dinosaurs remains." Among the 12 dinosaurs discovered in the region, eleven were Chuanjiesaurus anaensis dinosaurs.

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Author`s name Olga Savka