A new vicious virus program is unleashed on the Internet

The virus is modeled after the Anna Kournikova virus

A new and more vicious computer virus is spreading around the Internet. The virus is unleashed when the person opens up what appears to be an e-mail or item in a message group that reports Bin Laden has committed suicide.

The virus is modeled after the Anna Kournikova virus that was going around the net a couple of years ago, but with a new twist. A Trojan horse that is unleashed with this new virus enables a hacker to take over command of a person’s computer and use the victims’ computer to send out hate mail.

This writer suggests that people download the latest upgrade to their anti-virus programs. There is a free anti-virus program coming out of Germany that is called AntiVir which is very effective. AntiVir can be found at www.nonags.com.

This new virus is another means that hackers use to send out hate mail and spam mail. With the recent arrests of hate mail and spam mail hackers, these low life types have taken a new strategy and that is to have other people’s computers do the work – this way, the hack cannot not be traced by conventional means and evades arrest..

Michael Berglin

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Author`s name Marina Lebedeva