Earth on the verge of a major flip

Earth's magnetic field, which is essential for all living organism is weakening. Consequences could be quite drastic.

Researchers claim that the process has begun 150 years ago. Magnetic field force has already decreased by 10-15%; the process continues. Satellites have already determined changes. In case the magnetic field will drop to zero, the so-called magnetic reversal will most likely occur. As a result, North and South poles will exchange positions.

Analogues situation took place 780 000 years ago, in times when early humans were just beginning to learn to make stone tools. Scientists presume that the reason behind such anomaly may have something to do with the whirls of molten iron inside the Earth's core.

One can hardly predict consequences of such global cataclysm. First of all, and this is the most evident, our planet will become vulnerable to solar radiation; under normal circumstances, magnetic field protects the earth from their negative influence. Secondly, many birds and animals that normally rely on the magnetic field in times of their seasonal migrations will also suffer. Even though the “flip” is not instantaneous, evolution is a more time consuming process. Consequently, animals may simply be unable to adjust to the change.

Humanity will also face difficult times. All navigation systems will no longer be of use. More so, radio communications systems, including cell phones, will be filled with noise. Such occurrences can be observed quite often during strong magnetic storms.

Some scientists, however, still remain rather skeptical in regards to such total magnetic reversal. American geophysics professor John Tarduno stated in his interview to The New York Times that his colleagues had even made a bet in this respect, even though none of them will witness victory. According to specially created computer generated model, the magnetic reversal will take place in approximately 2 000 years.
Mikhail Chechevitsky

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Author`s name Andrey Mikhailov