Beauty, American style

More and more women in the United States prefer to resort to the help of plastic surgeons in order to increase their breast size.

In 2003 American Society of Plastic Surgeons registered a record number of breast enhancement surgeries (more than 235 000). As it turns out, more than two million of American women possess silicon implants.

Even young ladies who've barely reached puberty are willing to go through with the surgery to get breast implants. Statistically however total number of very young female patients equals to a mere 1%. In 2003 the situation changed drastically. A number of young ladies willing to get implants has reached 20%. More than 90% consider that bigger breasts will make them feel more confident. 6% of those who decide to get implants follow advices of their boyfriends or spouses.

Nowadays, according to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, ѕ of the patients would like to enhance their breast size to C. This is 10% more than the statistics 15 years ago.

Americans pay on average $3 000-$4 000 USD. If we are to calculate all the expenses spent on doctor’s appointments before and after the surgery that sum could reach $4 000-$5 000 USD. Such surgeries are cheaper in southern states and in the Mid West.

FDA points out that it gets more difficult to diagnose breast surgery after plastic surgery. According to radiologists, the situation gets out of hand when scarring begin to occur around the implanted tissue.

Today's commonly accepted assertion that big breasts can in fact make a woman feel more confident is quite doubtful. Based on his research, psychologist David Server was able to conclude that those women who have decided to undergo the operation at some point in their lives, are more inclined to take sleeping pills and anti depressants than those with smaller breasts and wide hips.

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Author`s name Andrey Mikhailov