Burning candle cleanses air

Standard candles are in fact capable of disinfecting air indoors.

More so, they can even compete with modern antiseptics, concluded scientists from University of Southampton (UK).

According to a research study done by bacteriologists Lindsey Gaunt and Sabrina Higgins, if ethereal oil is added to an ordinary candle, then its combustion materials will destroy majority of pathogenic bacteria in a room (including, for instance, Ecoli and staphylococcus S. aureus). Specialists presume that by changing consistency of various oils, it is possible to get rid of any microorganism.

“I think that candles with ethereal oils can be used at home as well as in hospitals,” tells doctor Gaunt to a BBC correspondent. “Obviously, they cannot fully substitute traditional disinfectants. However, they could still be of help.”

Aromatherapy specialists, who focus on healing by means of scents, actively support the novel idea. “Scientists have finally proven what's been known for years,” stated aroma therapist from Sussex Susan Ager. “Aroma oils can also be used for purposes other than pure cosmetology…”   

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Author`s name Andrey Mikhailov