Champagne undergoes the ultimate test

In a not so distant future true Champagne connoisseurs will be able to test authenticity of the most expensive Champagnes, writes Neue Zuricher Zeitung with a reference to the New Scientist magazine.

Scientists from the University of Seville developed a method which allows distinguishing genuine Champagne from cheap fake bubbly drinks. Special apparatus analyzes certain particles of metals contained in the grapes. In every vineyard these elements leave a unique “mark” on the grapes specific only to that region; this enables people to determine wine's authenticity.

In the course of their experiments, Spanish researchers were able to distinguish real Champagne from regular Spanish sparkling wine Cava with 100% accuracy.
Fake wines can be seen quite often in the supermarkets worldwide. According to the experts, more than ѕ of the wine that is sold in the US as Italian, in fact doesn't qualify as such.

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Author`s name Andrey Mikhailov