11-year-old cures Cancer and HIV

India has given birth to several geniuses. There lives a boy in one of the villages of this eastern country who, as people say, is capable of challenging Albert Einstein himself. His intellect however is not something that baffles people the most. The wonder boy also has a gift to cure cancer and HIV.

It is known that the 11-year-old boy Akrit Jaswel from a small village of Nurpur has an IQ of 162. This little genius, despite his young age, is already working at a research Institute of oncology in Mumbai where he treats cancer. Crowds of people, including doctors, line up to be cured by the little Akrit.

According to the little boy, he has found a way to treat oncology and HIV genetically. He cannot explain exactly how he cures his patients yet.

American research center that primarily focuses on studying gifted individuals has already declared the boy's genius. According to the director of the education council of the Indian state of Himachal Pradesh B.R. Raji, they are currently investigating Akrit's talent as yet another proof of his extraordinary nature.

Local papers write that the boy's parents had to sell significant portion of their property in order to finance their son's multiple trips abroad. The money also helped in establishing a research lab in New Delhi.

Akrit Jaswel says he would like to get PhD in pharmaceutical chemistry and continue his research.

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Author`s name Andrey Mikhailov