Longer legs=longer lifespan

British scientists proved the fact that women with long legs live longer than those with short legs.

More than 4000 women participated in the research. The study revealed that taller ladies with long legs rarely suffer from heart-related illnesses.

There fewer cases of heart attacks among the long-legged women. Scientists presume that one's height has a lot to do with the right diet in childhood.

There are also fewer cases of heart related problems among those ladies who had been breastfed by their mothers. Scientists also determined that daughters of non-smoking parents tend to grow much better and rarely suffer from heart problems.

According to the scientists from the University of Bristol, potential risk of heart attack diminishes by 16% with every 4 cm of leg length.

“Breastfeeding, healthy diet and non-smoking parents- these are the factors that have a positive effect of child’s development,” states one of the scientists Doctor Debbie Lolor.

The world's tallest female is registered in the Guinness Book of Records. She is a model Adriana Sklenarikova. Her legs are 124 cm long!

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Author`s name Andrey Mikhailov