Research of Nazi underground systems

The members of our non-profit organization have been doing investigative research on German history for about 14 years now.
Areas of interest are the physical remains of the Third Reich, especially former underground facilities. The task that has been taken on is to explore and document those facilities either known or unknown to public. During this research a lot of hints towards a last resort (Fьhrerhauptquartier) in the area of the former Soviet training ground near Ohrdruf and Arnstadt in Thьringen, Germany have shown up.

There are many versions about hidden underground facilities. According to the US troops, not all underground communications were revealed to public. Public knows of the construction site finished by end of WWII in the so called Jonastal area, consisting of 25 horizontal tunnels (now partly blown up).

But, there seems to be more than what is openly known. PoW which had been working there are talking about huge halls and tiled rooms dug out of the hill and also of tiled rooms etc.

A British officer who visited that facility described it as milewidth in length, built like spokes of a wheel. However, nothing of this sort has been found so far, not even after very intensive research for years.

According to other rumours, there was an underground railway system that was used by the Soviet forces to transport their troops from Ohrdruf to Arnstadt and back. Two more entrances to the underground system are supposed to be near Arnstadt.

After the war the area has been searched by Soviet specialists who reported about a production site for heavy water as well as about an underground operation centre for the V-weapons.

It is known that near the city of Stadtilm German atom physicists led by Dr. Diebner where working and doing research on nuclear matters.

This all leads to the theory that there was a secret underground laboratory and serious research towards a German atomic bomb. No definite proof has been found so far, but some mysterious phenomena seem to have occurred in the years after the war. Strong electro-magnetic field existed in the area, but its origin is totally unknown. At a symposium in the former GDR in the 60s a person named Oskar Mьhlheimer  stated that besides the underground laboratories, some more hidden fa also a complete Fьhrerhauptquartier had been built in the Jonastal area.

They say that Mьhlheimer was imprisoned at that instance and disappeared ever since.

All this makes it an area where an aura of secrecy and obscurity seems to be in the air.

Many rumours and contradicting statements are leading to the conclusion that there are spacious caverns and tunnels underground which all deny to be rediscovered up to date.

To find these facilities is the task for the Explorate Team.
The Red Army used this training area up to 1990. The Team hopes to find former members which have been stationed in that particular area of Germany. Probably there is more knowledge among them than among us. Anyone having information on this matter, even the slightest, should not hesitate to contact us at [email protected]. The group also
is interested in fortifications as in Kцnigsberg; the buildings there are similar to many German forts. The Research Group AFK is also contactable via the above e-mail adress.

Thank you in advance!

AFK Research Group

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Author`s name Evgeniya Petrova