Great Russian scientist: history unveiled

On June 8th people witnessed one of the rare astronomical occurrences—Venus crossing the Sun. The event takes place once every hundred or so years. Our great fellow countrymen, great Russian scientist and scholar, great figure of 18th century Mikhail Vasilyevich Lomonosov also had an opportunity to witness the event back in the days.

He later published an article entitled “Venus' descend onto the Sun” (May 26, 1761). Actually, that was when Lomonosov first discovered presence of atmosphere on Venus. Next time, the same occurrence will take place in 2012 and then only in 2117.

Venus transit has already become (and has been for centuries) a topic for numerous horror rumors. In ancient Roman times, Venus was called Lucifer; and Lucifer’s crossing the Sun prophesized nothing but trouble.

In reality, however, there is absolutely nothing to be afraid of. Recent parade of planets (which also used to be regarded as mysterious) took place in March of 2004. Nothing happened.

However, aside from destruction, Venus’ kiss of the Sun gives birth to other kids of thoughts. Some northern scientists find other, bright and cheerful metaphysical meanings in this event. According to a research assistant of the International academy of informatization, well-known biographer of Alexander Sergeevich Pushkin Alexander Karsakov, he has finally finished researching Lomonosov's works.

His work bears the title of “Venus' descend onto the Sun or the odd date.” According to Karsakov, it is rather significant that present day Venus’ passing takes place 243 years after Mikhail Lomonosov had witnessed the event back in the days which had allowed him to draw several conclusions of immense importance. These conclusions, thinks Karsakov, allow us to reconsider many notions that are accepted by modern science that are related to Lomonosov's worldviews among others.

“The great Russian scientist who was born in a poor family of a peasant in a village of Mishaninskaya Kuroostrovskaya would have turned 293 years old this year,” told Alexander Karsakov in his interview to PRAVDA.Ru. “Nowadays, little is known of his legacy; the information that is available today has been published in Soviet times. He was neither the founder of materialistic philosophy nor interested in solving major questions of philosophy.

Lomonosov wrote: “Truth and faith, the two sisters, daughters of the only Almighty Parent, could never quarrel…”. One famous Russian doctor of sciences Igor Alexeevich Chudinov in his major work “Epic heroes of arts and sciences” states the following: “We will not presume that Lomonosov adheres to the atheistic notions, as we used to assume. Since he states right here that science and faith can in fact be integrated. His “religion” however, religion of a scientist, has little or nothing to do with religion of church members. Lomonosov inclines towards deism, teaching that accepts God only in the form of amorphous origin of the Universe that tends to develop according to its own laws. This is pure materialism that is being skillfully masked by a religious blanket.” Well, there you have it: apparently, Lomonosov was Russia's first materialist!

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Author`s name Andrey Mikhailov