Tips for women to cope with booze

“If you have to drink sometimes, you must do that wisely”, Professor Vladimir Kadel of the Russian Academy of Science dwells on the ways to avoid the negative consequences of drinking: 

“Guidelines for alcohol consumption are especially crucial for women. If you know that you’ll have to drink tonight, you may take some simple precautions. An ounce of vodka taken as immunization, say, a couple of hours before a party can reduce the adverse effects of alcohol, which you expectedly will have to consume. 

You should follow the golden rule: never drink on an empty stomach. You may object that you often reach the table straight from work and hungry. In that case, before drinking the first glass have a slice of bread with a thick spread of butter, or sour cream, or mayonnaise. 

When facing a heavy meal with booze, in order to minimize damage to the body, namely to the liver, cardiovascular system, the stomach, inevitable in such cases, keep in mind the following:

•            Never mix alcohol with carbonated beverages, or do not take them at all along with alcohol as carbon dioxide enhances its negative effect and not only aggravates intoxication, but also hurts the liver and blood vessels.

•               Do not mix different kinds of drinks. Choose one variety and stick to it. If you have to mix drinks, go from a weaker beverage to a stronger one. In other words, at a pinch it is possible to switch from wine to vodka, but never the other way round. Many know this rule, but not everybody follows it.

•               It is better to drink some water before emptying a glass than after. You’d better forget about nectars, sweet fruit or grapefruit juices. Apple or tomato juice would be fine.

•               Eat more vegetables and potherbs. Be cautious with complex salads, potato, fat, and especially sweet creams, or cakes. Choose wisely what you eat.

 •               During meals, do not take any medication that is ostensibly capable to reduce harmful influence of alcohol. Remember: alcohol combined with some medicines, even with the well-known Analginum, may trigger an unpredictable reaction. If you are a pill-dropper, consult the doctor in advance, whether it is feasible to skip taking medication during a cocktail party.
Some tips are specifically for women. As a rule, those drinks that are regarded as appropriate for ladies, e.g. liqueurs, vermouths or alcoholic cocktails are presumably to be used in small quantities. Whenever this rule is violated, these beverages play havoc with the state of our health the next day and sometimes the very same day. 

I noticed that more often than not ladies, who usually don’t smoke, grab a cigarette after a couple of glasses. That would only further load the body already strained with alcohol processing. Even smokers are advised to smoke less during a party. 

And what can be done, if you couldn’t help exceeding your usual measure? 

While at home, put near your bed a big bowl of water, better mineral one, or a genuine fruit drink to take now and then throughout the night. Only fluids can help you purify your body. In the morning you may add tea with lemon or lemon water, yoghurt, stewed fruit water, a squeeze of juice as your relief drinks. Try to stick to a healthy diet to protect your liver at least this day.

The only drug you might need to take the following day after heavy drinking is ascorbic acid – in a loading dose it can really help relieve a hangover. In the afternoon, you may feel the so-called hangover depression manifested by a feeling of panic, vague anxiety, weepy, or irritable mood. In such cases, make herbal tea made of motherwort, mint, hop cones, or take valerian. If you have a severe headache, take a pain-reliever”.

Elena Dobrobabenko

Translated by Zaghid Yusoupov

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Author`s name Andrey Mikhailov