700 million years ago Earth encountered major changes

About 700 million years ago continents started moving across the equator extremely fast.
This discovery was made after the ancient rock had been analyzed for traces of magnetic field. The continents moved in other hemispheres in several million years – very rapidly from the geological viewpoint.

Scientists are well-aware that mantle and crust of the Earth slowly are moving along the surface of liquid outer space of the core, this process is called genuine Pole drifting. This drifting is caused by centrifugal forces influencing the Earth mantle areas of different density, it occurs at the depth of 3,000 kilometers and is autonomous from the drifting of lithosphere plates of the planet.

Currently the mantle and the crust are moving at the speed of 10 kilometers per year. According to David Evans from Yel University, 700 million years ago this process was faster as the Earth was hotter than today, convection flows in its mantle could make the substance of higher density be accumulated together. As a result, clots were formed, and sudden acceleration was created. Most of the land existed as super-continent Pangeya at that time, and this made mass allocation more uneven.

This hypothesis could be verified by researching the traces of magnetic field vector in rock. When the liquid substance hardens to form rock, crystals are formed under the influence of magnetic field. The crystal structure analysis can demonstrate where the rock was located with regard to the Earth magnetic Pole.  If the rock formed in one place at the same time, has different traces of magnetic field, this demonstrates that this place was dislocated regarding to the Earth magnetic field.

Professor Evans compared the rocks being 800 and 600 million years old, and demonstrated that their age changed much in a course of time.

The data of the rocks from different parts of the globe demonstrated the same Earth drifting, thus it was not caused by tectonic processes. According to Mr. Evans, crust and mantle were moving at the speed more than 20 centimeters a year, and the land masses which finally became South America and Western Africa, moved across equator to the Western Hemisphere in 5-10 million years, NTR.ru reports.

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Author`s name Evgeniya Petrova