Global warming prognosis: hundreds of new species of animals and plants to appear on the Earth

Scientists believe that global warming will result in coming into being  hundreds of new species of animals and plants, Reuters reported.
The idea of global warming as a catastrophe might be wrong.

According to some theories, global warming will result in consequences compared with the death of dinosaurs: many species of animals will die out.  "First changes can already be seen: birds started migrating earlier, flowers blossom faster, the new seasons start and end at different time than before”, says Director of Department of Climatic Changes of Wild nature Foundation Jennifer Morgan. There is an international research stating that global warming will result in disappearance of one forth of the current animals and plants by 2050.

However, some scholars are optimistic about the climate change. Australian scientists believe that global warming will result in heavy rain, and because of this trees will start growing all over. The trees will absorb carbon dioxide and make the atmosphere more humid. As the result, new biological species will appear.

Meanwhile, many scientists believe that even growing many trees will not compensate the damage made to environment by human activity.  Most climate changes took place in the last 8,000 years when mankind started developing agriculture, cutting forests and creating industry – the main source of carbon dioxide. According to William Ruddiman from the University of Virginia, only for the last 2 centuries the average air temperature increased by 0.8 degrees Celsius.


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Author`s name Evgeniya Petrova