People whom God always helps

There are people who are always safeguarded by divine intent.
No logical explanation can be applied to the life events of such people. For example, the resident of provincial town in Poland Barbara Rolya became famous with her “talent” to get in trouble and have favorable outcome. 127 times she marvelously avoided death.

Barbara was born on May 6, 1927. Her misfortunes started in the childhood when the girl fell out of the window of the room on 5th floor. However, a minute later an elderly man brought the alive and healthy girl to her parents. She safely landed on the cardboards put by the owner of the shop located on 1st floor of their house, and was not traumatized at all.

When Barbara was 10 years old, the girl’s uncle having weight of about 100 kilograms, collided with her when he was riding a bicycle. The cyclist had two ribs and his arm broken, while the girl got up and went to school with no traumas.

At the age of 12, the girl was on the way of the vehicle and could be hit by it. However, wonder happened: at the last moment, the wheel fell of the vehicle, it slid off the road and turned around several times. The driver was hospitalized with bad traumas.

”Lucky” Barbara survived 4 air crashes, 7 car accidents, 12 times the floor and steps she was standing on, broke through. At one point the balcony she was standing on, collapsed.  In addition, she experienced gas explosions, attacks of criminals, sinking motor boats, the fell of the huge chandelier in Warsaw Opera House, 2 train crashes…

To confirm her involvement in all these risky incidents, Ms. Rolya keeps newspaper stories and written notarized testimonies of eye-witnesses.

Having so many risky incidents in her life, Barbara has never been badly traumatized. Her biggest trauma was the loss of tooth when she experienced the second air crash in her life. Only three passengers survived that air crash. Except for Barbara, all the survivors were in hospital for a long time with many traumas.

Polish astrologists failed to explain the causes of such amazing life event for Barbara. Scholars of materialistic outlook try to interpret such cases from the position of ratio of accidental patterns and regular accidents. Still, for ordinary people this is hard to comprehend. People are more accustomed to believing in “angels-guardians” ore some “Providence” helping us at dangerous moments of our lives.

"Angel-guardian" can be seen (as the image of person, ghost figure or glowing ball). Even if invisible, it can warn the person about the coming danger by voice or even use the force to the person (“invisible walls” stopping or throwing the person away from the dangerous spot)…

People believe that one should deserve the favor of such “forces of kindness”. These forces allegedly pursue human morality and can punish the person for bad deeds. For this reason, the “angel of revenge” allegedly exists as well. Sometimes such the “angel-guarding” can punish those offending its person, in this way the angel turns into the “angel of revenge” for a while.

Meanwhile, there is no scientific explanation to the nature of accidental events.

Irina Tsareva

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Author`s name Evgeniya Petrova