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Some dishes are capable of inspiring a man to embark on a crazy love journey

One Georgian proverb states that cooks nourish not only our stomachs but our feelings as well. Interestingly enough, this statement turns out to be true; some dishes are capable of inspiring a man to embark on a crazy love journey. Head chef of one of Moscow's elite restaurants Albert Brazhnikov shares his recipes for keeping up man's love charm.

-What should a woman feed a man to get him to sleep with her right away?

-According to Chinese medicine, all products resembling genitals are considered sexually stimulating. The legend has it that such fruits/veggies possess special energy that has been given to them by gods in order to secure men. The secret lies in the actual form of the products, therefore, such fruits and veggies better to eat whole. They should be served uncut. Some women however would be embarrassed to serve foods that clearly point to whatever is on their minds. That is why there is an alternative for such shy ladies. For instance, they can simply feed their man dark chocolate. The effect will be splendid if the fellow consumes no less than 2 chocolate bars.

Fish stuffed with vegetables is also a good stimulant. Ancient Romans used to refer to this dish as a product that “nourishes voluptuousness. However, if a woman really decides to get a man, she should consider the following ancient “potion”. The recipe is the following: 200 grams of dried fruits (dried figs, prunes and seedless raisins). Dice 12 walnuts, mix them with dried fruits and place the mixture in the fridge. Serve with kefir or plain yogurt. For best results, the object of your affection has to consume no less than 2 table spoons of the “love dish”.

-I heard that some exotic fruits like mango can also have arousing effect on men…

-True, papaya, mango, kiwi and other exotic fruits possess such stimulating qualities. However, they have no effect on our Russian men. According to Tibetan medicine, only those veggies and fruits that grow in your area/climatic zone are capable of providing needed results. That is why, Russians will be less likely to benefit from such exotic fruits. It would be better to turn their attention to the kind of things that are cultivated here. Personally, I would recommend celery.

 -Why celery?

-It contains plenty of vitamins which are good for men's health. Professional gigolos all over the world buy celery by packs. After leaving another one of their wealthy girlfriends, they lock themselves up in their apartments and begin consuming celery. They drink only special celery tea, constantly chew celery and also eat it as a garnish to various meat dishes. In about a month of such celery diet, gigolos fully recharge their manly powers and can once again satisfy ladies-millionaires.

Also, it is a rarely known fact that victors of the Olympic games in ancient Greece were crowned with a wreath made of celery leaves rather than laurels.

-Is it possible to cure woman's frigidity?

-Of course. I've got several low-calorie recipes for our ladies. Take 30 milligrams of raspberry juice or syrup (you can also use blackberry, cherry or bilberry juice), a glass of cold plain yogurt and a pinch of cinnamon. Add sugar to taste. Place the mixture in the fridge. In a few moments you can feed your girlfriend. We guarantee that by the time night comes, she will be unforgettable in bed.

Here is another recipe to stir up woman's inner feelings and sexual desires: embrace your beloved woman and gently whisper in her ear “you are the best, dear!” This trick works miracles. It is better than any love potions. Do not forget that all of the above-mentioned dishes can only guarantee you great sex. Real love however can only be harvested through sincere words and deeds.

Darya Okuneva

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Author`s name Andrey Mikhailov