Adultery poses death threat

Man can die because of committing adultery, German scientists say.
The majority of the men who died during the sexual intercourse, died when having sex with mistresses, not with their wives.

According to Bild der Wissenschaft, the scholars of the Center for Judicial Medicine in Frankfurt examined more than 30,000 men who died from the 1970s to the recent time. 60 of them were having sex at the last moments of their lives, and died of heart attack.

The four of them died when masturbating. Among the other 56 victims of love, only 1/4  were having sex with their spouses or regular partners, all the rest were enjoying themselves with mistresses or prostitutes.

Scholars say that the high mortality rate among the men-lovers of adultery is caused by their desire to demonstrate their best, and their organism becomes exhausted.

There was no research on females having sex. Probably, the woman does not have the same load as men when having sex, and female death rate is much smaller.

Indian cardiologists agree with their German counterparts. According to famous doctor Agarval from New Delhi, having adultery increases blood pressure, and this can result in the death of the  unfaithful husband.

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Author`s name Evgeniya Petrova