Drug addict lived 8 months with knife in his throat

36-year old Chinese Mao Kyan swallowed the 8 centimeter long knife when he was arrested by the police for consuming drugs.
The man did not want the police to bring one more charge to him  – of possessing weapons - and swallowed the knife before being searched in the police station in town Chendu.  

The knife did not pierce the throat, but got stuck in the trachea. Kyan was living with the knife for 8 months. There is no information how the man came to the surgeon, probably the knife disturbed him. The doctors who got rid the patient of the knife said that the man survived due to wonder, the knife could kill him at any moment.

Let us recall some more case of the people swallowing extraneous bodies. American construction worker Isidro Mekhia survived after he shot in his own head with 6 nails of the construction pistol. Indian yogi Akhaa Mokhanti who used to swallow nails, died after he swallowed the 99th nail. The French who had psychic disease and ate nails, died after 5.5 kilos of coins were accumulated in his stomach.

Mikhail Chechevitsky

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Author`s name Evgeniya Petrova