Special short pants to save men from impotence and barrenness

Bosnian inventor developed men’s short pants with ventilation and thermoregulation designated for prophylaxis of bareness.
44-year-old Dragan Tadic from Bosnian town Laktasi was granted a gold medal of Councour Lepan exhibition of inventions in Paris for the medical pants he had developed. Mr. Tadich says that his short pants prevent men’s testicles from being heated (testicles superheating is one of the main causes of men’s bareness).

In a Nezavisne Novine interview the inventor said that the new short pants have several "compartments”. In the compartment for genitals, optimal parameters of humidity and temperature are maintained. Dragan Tanich calls his invention “Adam’s leaf” and claims that it will make revolution in underwear industry.

Currently the inventor is in the process of negotiations with French businessmen who are interested in manufacturing the new pants. According to Mr. Tadich, scholars proved that this underwear influence one’s sexual desires and capacities in a good way.

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Author`s name Andrey Mikhailov