Pregnant for half a century?

Last year, an elderly woman attended a clinic in Rabat, Morocco. The lady complained she was feeling heaviness in the lower part of her stomach and experienced shortness of breath.

X-ray indicated that the lady needed immediate surgery. The surgery was conducted the next day. Surgeons made a Caesarian section and extracted a formless calcified lump. As it was later determined, this respected Moroccan woman got pregnant 46 years ago!

She's been carrying her future baby for 7 months, when the fetus died while still in the womb. With time, the fetus has fossilized after being saturated with calcium produced by female's organism. Most remarkable of all is that this fossilized “cocoon” did not affect the overall mother's condition. The “calcified mummy” will now be exhibited at the capital’s clinic of medical marvels.

When you come across something like this, it is hard to remain clam and refrain from contemplating people's ignorance. Just tell me, how a young lady can simply not notice her 7-month pregnancy? This question does not only pertain to ladies of the Arab world. Some of our women end up in the gynecologist's office during the last stages of their pregnancies.

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Author`s name Andrey Mikhailov