Jack Sarfatti: American military is pursuing new types of exotic weapons

Gary Bekkum mentions my name and ideas extensively in your article. Much of his material is taken from previous documents I have shared with him over the past years that are collected in the open public directories:
the latter directory includes a free online copy of my latest book "Super Cosmos" soon to be published. Two previous books from 2002 "Destiny Matrix" and "Space-Time and Beyond II" give many background details to Gary Bekkum's article.

They are available from http://amazon.com

Some key comments on Gary's article:

As far as I know I am the only physicist so far to claim:

" that the invisible gravitating dark matter could be the other side of the invisible dark energy coin, and that suggests the possibility of manipulating the vacuum for energy release. If a controllable parameter could be found to mediate the balance between the invisible dark forces, the result would unleash the vacuum energy of creation in all of its awful power and majesty. If it were possible to control the dark sides of the force then spacetime, the arena where everything we know takes place, could be bent and twisted with infinitely greater ease than was ever suspected. This would open Pandora's box to everything from vacuum energy weapons of mass destruction (capable of destroying the universe!) to spacetime warp drives and time machines."

Gary claims "some physicists." That's news to me. Who are the others?

My unique and original claim, documented in my two books from 2002, is that both anti-gravitating dark energy and gravitating dark matter are forms of exotic quantum vacuum of differing degrees of coherence of negative and positive zero point pressure respectively. Control of the quantum pressure field distribution permits "Alcubierre" time-like geodesic zero g-force "acceleration field" (Paul Hill's book "Unconventional Flying Objects") "G-Engine" (George Trimble, 1956 described in Nick Cook's book "The Hunt for Zero Point"), "negative matter propulsion" of Herman Bondi and Stalin's WWII physics spy master Yakov Petrovich Terletsky. Note that I am interviewed on Niels Bohr and Terletsky in Pavel and Anatoli Sudoplatov's "Special Tasks" - the later "Updated Edition with "New Foreword by Robert Conquest of the Stanford Hoover Institution pp.483-4

My theory of dark matter as a virtual process, unlike all the competing theories of exotic super symmetry partner particles predicts that no dark matter detector will "click" with the right stuff, only with false positives as recently shown in http://www.nature.com/nsu/040503/040503-7.html showing that recent Italian claims of dark matter particles are wrong.
The dark matter detectors will show a null result just as the Michelson-Morley interferometer failed to show the motion of the Earth through the "aether." See also "The Waiting Game" by Geoff Brumfiel, Nature, 6 May 2004, pp.10-11.

"The ... Cryogenic Dark Matter Search has run for 14 years, the latest detector ... have found no new particles."

They never will if my unique original theory is correct. I am not aware of any other physicist making that strong falsifiable prediction based on a coherent picture of the emergent origin of Einstein's gravitational field.

Also, I am, to my knowledge the first to suggest the possibility of exotic gamma ray weapons using nuclear isomer transitions way back in 1962-64 from my work with George Parrent, Jr at Tech/Ops in Lexington, Mass in same building with Mitre Corporation back then. I worked on the concept with Hans Bethe at Cornell's on the third floor of the Newman Laboratory for Nuclear Studies in that time period as well. Bethe discouraged my idea of making a "gamma ray laser" saying that the "cross section numbers were not good enough." I had previously worked with Bethe in my senior year at Cornell 1960 on fixing an error in Schwinger's calculation of the polarization of synchrotron radiation off the plane of the electron orbits. I discovered the error as part of the Bethe's senior honors seminar in experimental tests of special relativity. Peter Goldreich was also in that small seminar of maybe six students. Also I should add that George Chapline, Jr. and I knew each other in La Jolla, CA in 1966-67. We were part of the group that Greg Benford describes in his sci-fi book "Timescape" dealing with the physics of “signal nonlocality” from future to past that is very much a part of my post-quantum physics of Dick Bierman’s “presponse” beyond orthodox micro-quantum theory. Post-quantum (AKA “macro-quantum”) theory is a covering theory of micro-quantum theory. Covering theories are like the New Testament compared to the Old Testament – new wine in new bottles. What is not possible in the theory, may be possible in the covering theory and vice versa. Einstein’s general relativity of gravity from 1915 is a covering theory of his special relativity from 1905. It is not possible to describe gravity only with special relativity. That is why Hal Puthoff’s “PV” theory of metric engineering is wrong. It is possible to have global inertial frames (GIF) in special relativity, but they are not possible in general relativity where they are replaced by local inertial frames (LIF) that do not rotate and move along free float weightless zero g-force “timelike geodesics,” which are the straightest paths in curved space-time inside the local light cone at each point and moment on the path. This is the significant difference that curvature makes. Similarly, micro-quantum theory obeys “signal locality” so that you, for example, cannot clone a photon. You cannot use the nonlocal entanglement of the Einstein-Podolsky-Rosen effect for a stand-alone untappable command-control-communication (C3) system. You always need a second classical signal as the “key” to unlock the coded message hidden and stored in the nonlocal entanglement beyond space-time. You can code the message nonlocally but you cannot decode it locally. This quantum cryptography/teleportation game changes dramatically when we leave the domain of validity of micro-quantum theory and go to the broader domain of macro or post-quantum theory where we now get stand-alone “signal nonlocality” necessary for our own inner consciousness as well as the paranormal phenomena like the CIA study of “remote viewing” by Puthoff and Targ at SRI in the 1970’s. Antony Valentini has shown that the domain of post-quantum theory is that of “sub-quantum nonequilibrium” in the sense of Bohm’s hidden variable pilot wave theory extended by J.P. Vigier. This new development also may mean that Lenny Susskind loses his debate with Stephen Hawking on information loss down a black hole real or imaginary? Hawking says “real”, Susskind says “imaginary,” i.e. the information is not really lost.

I was the senior physicist at Joe Firmage's ISSO that Bekkum mentions and I introduced Creon Levit to Joe and encouraged him to take a leave from NASA to direct ISSO Science for Joe.

Finally Bekkum writes:

"Some French, Serbian and Ukrainian physicists have been working on new theories of extended electrons and solitons, so perhaps a sub-quantum bomb is not entirely out of the question."

Bekkum fails to acknowledge J.P. Vigier as the leader of this project. Vigier, long time assistant to Louis DeBroglie and Hero of The French Resistance and member of the French Communist Party, died in Paris only a few days ago. The idea of "tight atomic electron states" from a spatially extended electron "Bohm hidden variable" is Vigier's. Serbian physicists in Beograd were testing Vigier's idea 1999-2000. I am not sure if the Ukranians were in touch with Vigier? Vigier came to ISSO here in San Francisco several times. There are photos of those visits in my autobiography "Destiny Matrix." I am still actively working on Vigier's ideas and I suspect there is something to it. More details are in my book "Super Cosmos" on the idea G* ~ 1040G on scale of 1 fermi explaining the unsolved problem of the stability of the electron. In my theory of the dark matter as gravitating exotic vacuum with positive zero point pressure, the single spatially extended electron of Vigier’s theory of tight atomic states is stable against its self-electric charge for the same reason that the stars in our galaxy do not fly off into space - from the fall of Newton's apple to Kepler’s elliptical motion of the planets round the Sun out beyond to the Galactic Halo and then zoom in with a wavelet transform to the interior of a single electron whose positive zero point pressure prevents the electric charge from exploding. As the Techgnostic Hermetic Alchemist Kabbalahists say "As Above, So Below."

Jack Sarfatti

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