Duma's Musketeers were no fiction?

After long lasting investigation of the case of seven skeletons, which had been unearthed in one of the yards in the town of Maastricht, local police determined that those remains are somehow connected to Musketeers.

Perhaps, they were the actual prototypes of the famous D'Artanian and his friends from Duma's novel. Presumably, D’Artanian had been killed in Maastricht during siege in XVII century.

Maastricht is one of oldest towns of Western Europe. It was founded approximately in 50 BC and managed to survive many bloody battles beginning from the times of the Roman Empire. Back then it was called Mosae Trajectum. One of the most bloody and ruthless battles in the history of the town took place when the town has been stormed by an army of the French king Louis XIV. According to Duma's story, D'Artanian had been betrayed and killed in this battle.

Not so long ago, Maastricht's police dug out seven skeletons from a backyard of one of the apartment buildings. It seems as though those remains belong to seven noble French warriors who had fought in the army of Louis XIV; they had been buried there secretly by their enemies. It is also possible that these are the Musketeers or rather their prototypes. That is why the investigation is now being handed over to archaeologists and historians.    

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Author`s name Andrey Mikhailov