Mystery behind the Scythian princess

Leonid Drachevky stands against restitution of “Scythian princess” to Altai residents

“The mummy of “Princess Ukoka” is part of historical heritage” - declared Leonid Drachevky, plenipotentiary of the President of Russian Federation in Siberian federal district. According to him, archeological dig and research in Tchu valley should continue. 

During his meeting with residents of the village of Kosh-Agach and the administration of Kosh-Agach region the plenipotentiary stated the following: “We are all educated people and I just feel awkward to hear of awakened spirits as though we live in the period of Middle Ages. If instead of work we start studying metaphysics, nothing good will come out of that”.

“The mummy of “Princess Ukoka” is not only Altai people’s property. It is a part of the world historical heritage just like Scythian burial mounds situated in the same Tchu valley. Another reason why the dig should be done here is that due to the ongoing global warming, the ice lenses preserving the burials slowly start to melt, state the scientists. If we don’t provide the scientists with the chance to work, this priceless treasure may be lost forever,” remarked Leonid Drachevsky.

IA REGNUM reminds that in February, 2004 Head of Kosh-Agach district of the Republic of Altai (RA) Auelkhan Jatkambayev sent an appeal to Head of the Republic Mikhail Lapshin, Senator of the Altai Republic Ralif Safin, Deputy of the State Duma from RA Sergey Pekpeev, Speaker of the State Assembly Igor Jakimov, the authorities of Siberian federal district and also scientists of Siberian department of Russian Academy of Sciences in which he asked to restitute “the princess and the prince” to their burial place, that is to the river Valley on the Ukok plateau. He thinks that this action can prevent further earthquakes in Altai Republic.

According to the information of Siberian department of Russian Academy of Sciences, the mummy if a woman found by Nadezhda Polosmak was called “princess” following the journalists’ example though she had never been a princess during her lifetime and was part of middle class Pazarik community. The research of a man’s mummy found by academician Viacheslav Molodin shows that he had been an ordinary soldier. The two mummies are now being kept in Novosibirsk, Institute of History of the Siberian department of Russian Academy of Sciences. Meanwhile the local shamans go on stating that both the place and the mummies are sacred for Altai people. They also declare that the mummy has belonged to princess Kidin (Kadin) who has always been honoured by Altai people. However, DNA testing enabled the scientists to find out that  the mummies belonged to the Scythian, not the Turki, therefore those people cold not be Turkish princess and prince during their lifetimes.

Translated by: Irina Alexeyeva

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Author`s name Andrey Mikhailov