Secret Russian medicine protecting from alcohol intoxication to appear on sale in Great Britain

There are rumors that these pills were created in secret labs of the Soviet special services to let the agents stay sober while their companions would be drunk.
There are many debates about the new medicine, its opponents believe the medicine will significantly increase consuming strong alcohol beverages. The pills were produced by Spirit Sciences company from California which allegedly reproduced the recipe of the Soviet special services.

The medicine maintains low level of alcohol in person’s blood by slowing down the process of spirit decomposing into atsetaldegid chemical.

High atsetaldegid concentration can result in cancer, cirrhosis, brain malfunctioning, skin fading, sexual problems and hangover, the Guardian reported. Consequently, the pills may mitigate such bad consequences.
Yet many British are concerned that people will start drinking too much. However, in this way they will be able to feel what it means to drink in a Russian way.


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Author`s name Evgeniya Petrova