Wooden computers are not popular yet

Swiss company offers wooden PC monitors and keyboards as the alternative to traditional computers.
The wooden PC will make more original office interior, besides they are environment-friendly.
Plastic computer surface is produced with the use of the chemical aimed at diminishing the danger of fire. After contacting air, this chemical is accumulated in human and animals’ tissue and can cause cancer. Swiss company offered wooden PC to avoid the negative consequences.

The first wooden computers were produced in 2003, but only several of them were sold so far. The wooden monitor in size of 15 inches in diagonal costs 400 Euro, the wooden keyboard costs 50 Euro, the wooden mouse – 40 Euro. This is 30 percent more expensive than the cost of the parts of the traditional computer.

However, the wooden PC still poisons the environment as some other PC parts contain harmful elements.

The European Commission plans to pass new laws forbidding usage of some chemicals during producing PC, in addition the PC producers will be required to recycle wastes.

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Author`s name Evgeniya Petrova