The taller the better

Anthropologist John Kolmos from Munchen has recently determined that Americans have stopped being the planet's tallest people a century ago.

This has been reported in a Friday's issue of the British newspaper Daily Telegraph.
Today, the Dutch are considered to be the tallest. Actually, residents of other European countries also appear to be taller than average Americans.

Kolmos has been studying peoples’ heights for more than 20 years. He was able to acquire anthropometrical data of various people beginning from 1700s up until today.

According to his research, in the beginning of 19th century, Americans used to be taller than the Dutch by 8 cm and taller than the British by 3 cm. In the middle of past century however, the situation has changed. Nowadays, Americans appear to be 3 cm shorter than the British and 8 cm shorter than the Dutch.

Kolmos draws a direct correlation between such results and the overall lifestyle of the Europeans. Apparently, Europeans started to live better financially. In America, on the contrary, the gap between rich and poor is getting more and more obvious.

Kolmos considers that those who are fully financially secure, are able to eat healthy, lead a healthy lifestyle and have access to medicare. The researcher even came up with such indicator as the annual income per 1 inch of height. In tall people for instance such indicator equals to 450 pounds. Short people have a much lesser indicator. In addition, according to Kolmos, tall people tend to live longer and are less likely to suffer from depressions.

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Author`s name Andrey Mikhailov