Psychic researcher uncovers the secrets of the Great Pyramid and Sphinx

A psychic researcher and a clairvoyant, author of 'The Book of Ahau' disclosed his findings this week.

A reader and writer with keen interest in the mysteries of the ancient world, Govany Perony opens a window into concealed reality via his mind in the form of extrasensory visions and archaeological research.

His method, 'Remote Viewing' is the act of seeing without being present at the target site. He used this method to penetrate the inside of the Great Pyramid and see the secret chambers.

What he discovered was amazing. In the King Chamber of the Pyramid, behind the west wall he saw a chamber still intact with a mummy and offerings.

Two pillars adorn the doorway and a corridor. The entrance to this chamber is a small pivoting door at the bottom of the south west corner. Also the Coffer in the King Chamber serves as an opening mechanism. Ancients had to grab one corner and push, that’s why we see it chipped on one side.

Under the King Chamber there is a chamber with a structure that looks like the radiator of a car. Perhaps it was used to refine some kind of liquid. Most locks for these chambers are deep inside tunnels carved of the rock reachable only with telescoping staffs like the one PTAH is holding depicted in Egyptian history. The Gantenbring door is a good example, only these special staffs could reach it.

Behind the west wall of the Queen Chamber lays also another chamber, only this time its full of thousands of rolls which the ancients have written.

Underneath all this, deep beneath the Pyramid is a cylindrical room with  a tall cylindrical object in the center. It looks like a generator of some sort. The heart of the System, why the Pyramid was built. The room walls are covered with a black insulating matter. There are no wires, hence the transmission was resonance or production of ions etc  Piezoelectric using the great pressure generated by millions of tons of the Pyramid. A tunnel connects this area with the Sphinx.

The Great Pyramid lacks a top. There never was one. His research found that the Great Pyramid is a pyramid 'covered with stones'. Meaning there is an intact pyramid with a top beneath the stones we see today. To prove one could take off a few blocks of stones from the top, where a walkway or tunnel will be found. This tunnel which may have been built to transport the block of stones higher, spirals around the Pyramid all the way to the bottom. The tunnel is wide enough to drive a small car through.

As for the Sphinx, underneath it, there is an ancient museum that houses the remains of previous kings and written records of 'Man's history'. Previously it sat on a building painted in gold. Present day bottom of Sphinx is false. Those stones were laid to look like the floor, underneath is the building.

All these will be found intact once Egyptian authorities give permission to drill. Mr. Perony said that other Psychics like the 'Boriska Boy' from Russia, or other Russian Parapsychologists should investigate the Great Pyramid.

The reason is because if the ancient technology is discovered we shall not need petroleum anymore, therefore the air will be much cleaner.

Summary from, “The Book of Ahau” by Govany Perony

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Author`s name Timothy Bancroft-Hinchey