Power of a kiss: medics talk

It's been scientifically proven that frequent kissing stabilizes cardiovascular activity, decreases high blood pressure, cholesterol and overall makes one's life better. The following is a medical account of this quite pleasant activity.


Kissing can substitute any chewing gum that fights plaque and cavity. The thing is, this occupation, namely kissing, is capable of preventing cavities, similar to toothpaste. Such phenomenon can be explained in the following way. Kissing stimulates profuse salivation which helps protect one’s teeth from cavity, since it contains calcium and phosphorus. In addition, passionate kissers are less likely to suffer from gingivitis. Also, saliva becomes neutral in the course of a kiss thus preventing teeth from a number of diseases.


A passionate kiss causes tensions in more than 30 facial muscles. It helps to smooth out skin and increase blood circulation. Perhaps, it is better to kiss then use various creams and apply masks? Kissing would surely be more pleasant!


We lose no less than 12 calories during every passionate kiss. However, one does not have to be a love fanatic to lose a few extra pounds. Scientists claim that 3 kisses a day (20 seconds each) will be enough to make you lose an entire extra pound.


The so–called endorphin hormone serves as an anesthetic. The more passionate the kiss, the more endorphin is being secreted. One kiss is enough to secrete a sedative dose of these hormones, which in fact exceeds a minimal dose of morphine.

Also, another interesting aspect of kissing deals with antibiotics. In the course of a kiss, natural antibiotics are being secreted in saliva. They also possess anesthetic effect. Simply forget about painkillers and kiss, kiss, kiss!

Anti-stress therapy

A kiss prevents the initial formation of stress hormones—glucocorticoids. These are the exact hormones to be blamed for high blood pressure, high cholesterol, muscle weakening, and insomnia. Generally, a kiss can calm down one’s nervous system quite effectively and rid oneself of stress. That is why those who enjoy kissing are often optimists.

In addition, kissing triggers massive adrenaline rush, which battles stress hormone hydrocortisone and grants us cheerful mood.

Finally, at least three kisses a day leave you in a romantic, pleasant mood for no less than 24 hours.


Our saliva contains the most bacteria. About 80% of them are the same in all people. Nearly 20% of them are unique in every human being. Upon mixing with other particles in the partner’s mouth, they trigger various reactions of microorganisms. As a result, this gives one’s immune system an impulse to form certain antibodies. Scientifically speaking, this process is termed cross-immunotherapy.

Express analysis of genetic compatibility

This is no exaggeration! While you are kissing, your brain conducts instant chemical analysis of your partner's saliva and issues a “verdict” of your genetic compatibility. That's why do not take long until the first kiss. It is better to establish your compatibility right from the start.

Overall, kissing has an incredibly positive effect on the organism. Those who kiss quite frequently are less likely to suffer from stomach, bladder, blood infections. Also, you can rid yourself of hiccups by means of…you guessed it—kissing!

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Author`s name Andrey Mikhailov