It's all in the handshake

Where did this custom originate? The ritual has become part of our daily routine, but why?

All of our actions possess some sort of a meaning even though it cannot be grasped at first. Here, we would like to offer our version of this tradition.

Today, duels and tournaments are no longer in style. They have been substituted by a more modern way of determining one's superiority—through a single handshake. Behind a simple gesture hides serious energetic influence of both people involved in a handshake. By means of crossed hands they try to decide whose psyche, willpower and passion is stronger.

Energy encompassed in one's hand serves as an excellent indicator of the person’s overall health. If both individuals keep their hands conjunct, the more powerful one will “suck in” his opponent’s energy. Most of us are fully aware of this fact; however we rarely pay attention to this phenomenon.

To provide a thorough example of the above-mentioned hypothesis, we decided to conduct the following experiment with blood pressure. We will teach you how to decrease or increase one's blood pressure by means of a single handshake.

Enfold someone's hand with yours. (your opponent should have a high level of blood pressure) Now try to calm down, relax, concentrate. Your heart should be beating at a normal rate. Start to relax your fingers little by little. Now try to concentrate on your partner's heartbeat. Concentrate on his heartbeat. Now feel the sensation of the beating pulse with the tips of your fingers. During the next step, try to make both of your heart beat in unison. Do not lose your concentration. Finally, you've created the so-called energy bridge between yourself and your partner with high blood pressure. Take a deep breath, then exhale… Now measure the person's blood pressure once again. It will be significantly reduced. Keep in mid however, that by reducing one's blood pressure, your blood pressure will rise.

By the same token, one can give his/her energy to someone, in case that person is depressed and lacks that precious energy. Obviously, that person will start feeling better whereas you won’t. Energy cannot simply evaporate; it can be transmitted. Most importantly, you have to learn to recover, to regain that lost energy. This isn’t easy, since in this case you have to cure yourself. No one can help him/herself as efficiently as he/she can help others.

The above-mentioned example clearly indicates that a handshake is capable of creating an energy bridge between the two parties. One can definitely use this factor for his own purposes, good or bad. In some instances, this phenomenon of “sucking in” someone's energy is being referred to as “vampirism”.

What is “vampirism” anyway? There exist tons of sources concerning this rather controversial phenomenon. Overall, the concept deals with tremendously important subject such as human energy. After doing a lot of practice, you can “take” and “give” energy not only with the help of your hands but also without it. In order to manipulate energy on a distance, try to envision a person in a form of a clew, in your mind try locating the very beginning of the thread. Now, begin inhaling this thread with your breath.

We would like to warn those who would want to use this skill with bad intentions in mind. The entire process of consumption of someone's energy can partially destroy that individual. At first, this “vampire” begins hearing his victims' thoughts. Afterwards, it becomes harder for him to concentrate. In the end, he completely loses his ability to consume energy.

There are those however who never tend to lose this ability to steal peoples’ life forces. They experience magnificent sensation, a true euphoria from this occupation. Indeed, energy can be quite addictive. Is it possible to protect oneself from such energy vampires, one might question? Sure, if one will be more observant. We have to learn to pay close attention at the way people interact, both physically and verbally.

One fact is certain: distance does not tend to decrease sensory acuity between people. Humans have always been and still remain predators. Nowadays, it isn’t necessary to get involved in a physical fight; one single thought is enough to get the job done. After all, no one can sue us for thinking!

Andrei Shumin, Sergei Slyadnev “NGN”  

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Author`s name Andrey Mikhailov