Week of health: beauty queen in 7 days

Olesya Golub, a hospital nurse in the Russian town of Lvov, considers that a week is  an ideal timeframe for one to regain beauty and self-confidence.

-Olesya, why exactly a week?

-2-3 day diets are absolutely pointless. You gain those lost pounds right back. Healing programs usually entail a whole month of procedures. In today's fast paced world, one wants to feel results much faster. A week appears to be a decent “compromise”. Diet is one of the counterparts of success.


Wake up ten minutes earlier than you usually do. Turn on smooth music while still lying in bed; with your eyes still shut try to analyze your plans for the day. This should take a few minutes. Afterward, do the following exercises:

1. Slowly start making a fist, then relaxes you hands; repeat the exercise ten times.
2. Stretch while in still in bed; try concentrating on every muscle.
3. Do five circular motions of your feet.
4. Roll on the bed.

Take a quick contrasting shower; massage your face.

During your lunch break, go outside and walk for no less than half a kilometer; walk away your hearty meal.

As for supper, try eating no later than 7 pm. Eat fish with vegetables. Afterward, drink tea and dedicate the remainder of the evening to beauty. Prepare a soothing herbal bath for your hands and feet. Do not forget to apply nourishing cream before going to bed.


Today is a fasting day. Refrain from anything till lunch. Only fruits are allowed. Get up 20 min earlier than usual. Repeat all the above-mentioned exercises while still in bed. Drink a glass of freshly-made juice. Open the window and exercise for 10-15 minutes. Try focusing on your “weak spots” while exercising. Afterward, eat a bowl of fresh fruit salad; do not forget to take an apple or any other fruit with you to work in case you get hungry before lunch.


Morning-follow the exact same routine. In the morning make yourself a bowl of porridge (with milk), drink a glass of kefir or yogurt. Now it’s time to make some corrections in your lunch menu: refrain from sandwiches, substitute white bread with rye bread, at least till the end of the week. Your lunch should consist of two dishes: soup and salad. Do not drink tea, coffee, juice sooner than 20 min after the meal. Drink plain tea/coffee with dried fruits or a piece of dark chocolate.

During supper, also try to eat little; veggies preferred. Do not forget to drink one glass of 1% milk, or yogurt.

Take a hot bath; relax after a stressful day at work. Massage your body while in the bathtub.


Morning—follow Tuesday's/Wednesday's morning routine.

Today is fish day. This concerns lunch and supper. Japanese consider that fish is better digested if one drinks a cup of green tea before and after the meal. Fish day is ideal for sauna! Try finishing your work earlier and head to sauna around 5 pm. Afterward, eat only fish, light fruit salad and a handful of nuts.


In the morning, energize your body after yesterday's sauna.  Such breakfast used to be called “beauty breakfast.” It consists of three table spoons of oatmeal, half a cup of yogurt, kefir or milk, minced apple, softened banana and nicely cut kiwi. You can also add one table spoon of raisins. Place the salad’s leftovers on a piece of cloth and apply it to your face. This will rejuvenate your skin and energize your body all at the same time. 

Lunch should also be light; a bowl of soup and salad. Afterward, go swimming or to the gym.

You can eat supper at a later time. You are also allowed to eat more at supper. However, do not forget to drink a glass of lemon juice or a glass of pure water with half a tea spoon of apple vinegar after late and hearty meal.

Dedicate the remainder of the evening to your hands and neck. Massage your nails with lemon zest. Afterward, apply any type of vegetable oil on you nails. Apply a wet towel soaked in hot water around your neck. Then apply a thick layer of oily cream on the neck. Place a cotton scarf around your neck and woolen gloves on your hands. It would be great if you could go to bed like that.


Finally, the weekend! You could and in fact should sleep longer. Do not forget your exercising routine!

You can eat almost anything; just try not to eat too much right before bedtime.
Devote half an hour of your time to your hair. Apply castor oil or mayonnaise to your hair. Massage thoroughly. Wear a shower hat and a towel on top. In the meantime, soak your fingertips in beer in order to get rid of cuticles.


Try fasting again. Eat only apples, drink only yogurt or kefir and tea. Today, you can be a bit lazy and skip exercises.

Prepare yourself for the upcoming week. Do not forget manicure, peeling facial mask.   

The health week is over; now it is up to you whether to continue to lead a healthy lifestyle or  return to your previous existence. Make the right choice!

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Author`s name Andrey Mikhailov