Phantoms of Kremlin

Many people died in Moscow Kremlin in the course of history, and there are plenty of historical chronicles on the phantoms of the dead in the Kremlin.
There are chronicles that shadows were seen and steps were heard of czar Ivan the Terrible (see the picture) in the lower tiers of Ivan the Great Bell Tower. There are memoirs of last Russian czar Nicolas II that on the eve of his crowning ceremony the ghost of Ivan the Terrible appeared before him and empress Alexandra Fedorovna. They saw this as a bad sign.

Other “political phantoms” were seen in the Kremlin as well. Since the period of the so called “Troubled Time” after pretender for czar Dmitry was killed, Muscovites started seeing the shape of the pretender’s figure on the Kremlin walls. There are rumors that the ghost was seen last time in 1991, after August coup, before the USSR collapse.

Petr Goryaev, Doctor of Biology, Academician of Russian Academy of Medical and Technical Science gave his comments on these stories in a Rodnaya Gazeta interview.

I believe the phenomena of this sort must be researched. These phenomena may influence not only our comfort, but also the security and well-being of the country leaders. They have to spend much time in the areas called “not good” by people. The idea that the Kremlin walls “remember” much, may be true. Information is stored in walls, items and then is released by them. However, not everybody is able to perceive this information. As a rule, very receptive persons or people in a certain psycho state feel this information. It is hard for them to prove this to others.

Rodnaya Gazeta. Is the Kremlin populated with the phantoms of its former “hosts”?

Petr Goryaev. I have broader interpretation of phantoms. Do you think that “phantom” is some frightening ghost in white clothes? In reality, ghost means memory of last events. There is a footprint in sand as memory of somebody’s moving. We encounter phantoms every day: voice and video recording are phantoms! Phantom creation is a fundamental phenomenon and is revealed on many levels.

Let us move into the domain of physics. Correlation and laser spectroscopy is based on reflection of any beam of light. In a dark room a beam of light encounters specks of dust, and they are dispersed in the beam. There are special devices: a beam of laser is directed onto the matter, it disperses light and the light contains much information on the dispersed matter. My colleagues and me researched DNA molecules. One of our tests is as follows: I am putting a laser beam from the spectrometer device in a pan filled with DNA solution. DNA molecules disperse the light and we obtain information on DNA by applying certain software to the dispersed light. Many scholars are doing this. At one point I replaced the pan with DNA by an empty one. Chaotic picture was supposed to appear on the computer screen because there was no DNA in the pan. All of a sudden, my colleagues and me saw a similar picture to that we had on the computer screen during DNA spectroscopy. I think this was DNA phantom.

Rodnaya Gazeta. How long does it exist?

Petr Goryaev. Very long. For days! I think about 40 days. It may exist even longer, but the devices are unable to detect this. The effect gradually goes beyond the limits of perception. Although I guess that any information that ever existed in the world, is stored forever.

Rodnaya Gazeta. We cannot help remembering that after the death of Stalin nobody entered his office in the Kremlin for a long time. The leaders of the USSR never had offices in the Kremlin after Stalin’s death. When Boris Yeltsin entered the Kremlin, he simply destroyed the former office of Lenin and constructed new office for himself. Today Vladimir Putin is working in this office. He seemed to replace the furniture in it.

Petr Goryaev. I think this all have its grounds. After one’s death something remains from the person. It can be called “soul” or something else. I want to find physical explanation to this. Physics has so called “theory of localized light or localized photons”. According to it, photons (light) can be accumulated (like water in a sponge) in some substances such as metals, sugar (DNA is a sugar-like compound) and can be preserved in them for a long time. There is a long-standing belief that mirrors “remember” all they reflected. For this reason many people moving in the new apartment, throw away the mirrors they inherited from the former apartment owners. A reflection in a mirror is hologram: such holograms can be recorded and then be released in the form of very weak signals. This phenomenon can also be applied to other people’s furniture: it is better to be replaced because who knows what kind of information it “remembers”.

By the way, English monarchs at one point left the Tower and moved into the Westminster. Similarly, Versailles became only a French museum. Every time when the new “owner” moves in the White House, big reconstruction takes place: furniture, carpets and mirrors are replaced, offices (except for the Oval Office) are changed. Before this, building undergoes sanitation by specialists on cyber-space security. People seem to feel something and believing in ghosts has its grounds. But many people avoid discussing this issue.

Stanislav Tarasov, Olga Balla

Source: Rodnaya Gazeta

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Author`s name Evgeniya Petrova