Russian woman can see her past lives

Inna Makarova has one life in the daytime and completely different, exciting life at night.
Every night another life (Inna calls it memories of the past) comes upon her.
35-year old Inna Makarova has a degree in Literature and works as a secretary. She is friendly and good-humored, neither her friends nor her family saw her behaving weird.

”I remember every detail of my childhood”, says Inna. “This is amazing that our memory is able to store so much information. I remember most vividly the feelings I experienced in my dreams”.

Inna says she remembers her dreams since she was 2-year old.

”When a child, I had one dream many times: I was a man in a military uniform. I was running through the woods hiding myself from some enemies. No success: the enemies captured and killed me by cutting my throat with a knife. For three years I had this dream every week.

First I was shocked by the fact of my death. Then I stopped being concerned about my death. I understood: I should pretend dead, and after the enemies go, I could leave my body and continue my way. After I realized that the death was fake, I did not have this dream any more”.

Everybody can probably remember the moments of life when one feels that he/she is familiar with the situation and experienced it long ago. The nightmare from Inna Makarova’s childhood returned again after she grew up.

In 2000 Inna Makarova went to work to Germany as a baby-sitter. As soon the train crossed German border, Inna had uneasy feelings: the area seemed very familiar to her, although she had never been there before.

The two months of work in Germany were confusing. Almost every night Inna dreamed of her “last life” seen in the childhood nightmares before.

Her dreams became filled with details. Inna learned that she had been the guy named Serdov and lived in Bulgaria. After the World War II broke out, this guy volunteered for the Army and in 1943 was killed by fascists in the woods in Germany. The most surprising thing was that Inna recognized the enemies from her dream in the family she was working for.

”I don’t take my dreams too seriously”, says Inna. “I try not to go deep into them. Maybe my fantasy is too rich because it enables me to see confirmation of the reality of dreams in some events of my life”.

Before Inna’s the departure for Russia, the lady from the family she was working for presented Inna a beautiful hand-made costume … decorated with Bulgarian ornaments.

”This costume seems to be waiting for you”, said the lady. “I bought it for my daughter, but it did not fit her, but it fits you perfectly”.

A surprise was waiting for Inna at home. She had one more chance to go abroad. In August 2000 Irina came to Bulgaria with her friends. The group of young people was traveling for about a month from one Bulgarian city to another.

One day the bus carrying our tourists to town Itos, broke down. Inna and her male companions started asking friendly Bulgarians where they could spend the night. Local residents said about the religious community where the young people could have accommodation. They headed for this community. There the young people met an old man in his 70s. One of the tourists, Sergey, asked the old man for permission to overnight there, but he answered nothing and stared at Inna. The man got up, approached Inna, took her face into his palms and asked in Russian, “Have you come back?”

After spending the night in the community’s house, Inna tried to speak to the old man. She felt she had already been here. However, this time the man kept silence and Inna did not receive an answer to her questions.

A year later Inna Makarova got married to one of the man being in Bulgaria with her. His name is Vadim and he lives in St. Petersburg. After the wedding the newly married couple moved in St. Petersburg. Inna tried to tell her husband about her weird dreams several times, but Vadim only laughed at her. One night before going to bed Inna asked, “I wish to have a dream of the past life of Vadim and me”.

A week later she had this dream.

”I am sitting on the bench in Neskuchny Garden in St. Petersburg”, Inna says. “It is the period after the revolution of 1917 in Russia. I am from a rich family of intelligentsia. I am about 30 years old and dance ballet. My husband is the Army officer. I am sitting next to the young man, a good friend of our family. I know that he loves me, but he never said me this. We have been friends since early childhood, and my parents were sure I would marry this man. However, I have chosen another guy – the White Army officer, and today I am leaving for Turkey to join him. This is the last time I see my friend, we will not see each other because I will never return to Russia from emigration. I raise my head and look at my friend. He is holding my hand. My friend is a musician, he plays the piano. Beautiful brooch in the form of G clef decorated with tiny diamonds is attached to his coat buttonhole. 

In the morning Inna shared the dream with her husband. First Vadim was listening to her with a smile, as usual. However, when she started describing the young man, her husband became startled.

“I have always thought of becoming a musician”, Vadim said in a weak voice. “My teachers in musical school said I have talent as a pianist. The brooch you mentioned is our family jewel. My mother keeps it now, but I know it belonged to my great-grandfather long time ago. But I have never told you this before”.

Probably, science will find explanations to all these phenomena and will be able to interpret dreams in future. Meanwhile, Inna continues living exciting and mysterious life at night.

”In my dreams, my dead relatives often come to me. I don’t feel scared, we just talk. They tell me how they are doing and I share my news. Although they usually know the events of my life. Sometimes famous Russian singers and film producers who died in accidents, come and talk with me in my dreams. Occasionally the people coming to my dreams warn me about some unpleasant events.

PS. Eastern philosophy is based on the theory of reincarnation (this word means “again into the body”). This theory says that a person lives a variety of lives: he/she comes into being, dies, comes into being again, having other parents, spouses, children. In this way, every individual obtains valuable experience, and after one’s death this experience is accumulated and stored in the depths of his/her soul.

At certain moments of life, often in extreme situations when a person is risking his/her life and experiencing shock, at the moments of biggest physical and moral pain, a person is able to discover skills and knowledge in oneself inherited from the pat life, and even remember the details of this past life

In 1985 in India 9-year old Radzhna Malini suddenly “remembered” her previous life. The girl told her parents that her real name was Rekha Singh, she previously lived in the neighboring village and died of fever one year ago. She said her husband and children were still living in the village. 

The parents took little Radzhna in the village. She recognized and remembered the names of all in her past family. She spoke to her “husband” as a wise experienced woman and gave him recommendations on raising “their” kids.

Various experiments on putting the person under hypnosis also demonstrate surprising abilities and knowledge stored in the depths of human brain. The Christian Bible lost the information about reincarnation, although there are some historical hitches in the Bible. Reincarnation may explain them.

Inga Martynova

Source: NGN

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Author`s name Andrey Mikhailov