Cat Has Seven Ears and Feels Happy

It is not for the first time that such anomalies are registered with domestic animals in the Samara Region
A couple of ordinary domestic cats in Russia's Samara Region gave birth to an unusual kitten having seven ears instead of two.

At first, owners noticed the kitten had three ears: there was a couple of normal ears like all animals have and the third one was inside of one of the normal ears. That is why the name given to the kitten was consonant with the numeral "three". It was just several months later that the owners discovered even more ears when they were bathing the cat. They are very small and poorly developed, but they are nevertheless normal ears. The people were surprised to see that the pet also had two small ears inside of a big one and two more ears on the kitten's cheek.

The owners of the pet cannot explain the anomaly and state they have never seen such phenomena before. The seven ears give no trouble to the cat, what is more it does not notice them. The cat hears well especially when it is invited to have meals.

It is not for the first time that such anomalies are registered with domestic animals in the Samara Region. In 2000, a calf with two heads was born in a village of the region. That was strange that both heads were moving synchronously: two tongues were seeking mother's milk and four eyes winked at once. Unfortunately, the calf was too weak and frail and soon died.

The same year, a chicken with four legs hatched out at a poultry farm of the Samara Region. At that, two legs were normal and others were underdeveloped. However, in spite of the defect the chicken laid eggs very well, they always had two yolks.

Biologists say the anomalies are genetic mutations that are rarely registered. Only one of a million of cells mutates. Genetic abnormality is often the result of interbreeding of closely related animals. Abnormalities registered within the recent period are usually connected with an unfavorable environmental situation and transgenic food.

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Author`s name Evgeniya Petrova