Ukrainian inventor created engine using air as fuel

Inventor from the town of Nikolaev, Ukraine Vitaly Frolov developed the engine using air as fuel.
The inventor says this engine can ruin some powerful corporations. For 15 years the inventor offered to manufacturers this engine based on compressed air.  But the Scientific Council of the USSR rejected the project because manufacturing this engine could result in closure of dozens of research institutes working on power-saving technologies.

The machine by Ferdinand Porsche became prototype for this engine, but the inventor used compressed air instead of fuel. Under the air pressure engine pistons move and start the machine, ICTV reports.

According to Vladimir Frolov, there will be no need of transmission for the vehicle or reversing gear, the vehicle will have only two rods – forward and backwards. Exhausts in such a vehicle are more environment-friendly.

The engine by Vitaly Frolov was granted the award by Soviet Exhibition of National Economy Achievements, in 1986 the inventor received 600 roubles of Gorbachev’s ward for winning the contest for designing environment friendly vehicle. The new engine was going to be used in Antonov planes, and 300 engines for experimental planes were produced.  However, Soviet leaders rejected this engine.

Ukrainian industrialists are expressing interest to Frolov’s engine. Vladimir Timoshenko, the engineer of Yuzhmash branch said, “There are no analogies to the engine in the world, and these machines have the highest efficiency – they consume less electric power, are compact in size and have little weight. One can receive maximum profit with minimum expenses”.

Source: Avtomarket

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Author`s name Evgeniya Petrova