Are Dragons for real?

The greatest mystery of all times can finally be fully revealed.

Up until recently, science has been rejecting the existence of dragons. Nevertheless, one of such interesting specimens preserved in alcohol has been discovered not so long ago by David Heart from Oxfordshire in his own garage.

The dragon appears to be quite cute. The creature does not fit the common description of dragons. He is only 1 meter long and judging by the present umbilical cord, the baby creature has ended up in the bottle straight from an egg or from his mother’s womb. His back however is decorated with a pair of tiny wings.

The find might not reveal the “greatest mystery of all times” after all.  However, it may surely reveal the methods used by scientists in previous centuries in order to discredit their competitors. The bottle discovered by Mr. Heart contains a note in old German. The note is characteristic of 1890s. Apparently, it had been stored in his garage in a metal container for all these years.

The following scenario comes to mind: “the dragon preserved in alcohol” is a mere skillful forgery made by German scientists in times of fierce competition between Germany and the UK. The find can be interpreted as a mere joke. It can also possess a rather offensive character.

As it follows from a document, at first, the little dragon has been offered to the United Kingdom's National Museum of Natural History. However, they immediately spotted the falsification and threw the poor fellow in a dumpster. David Heart's grandfather was able to preserve the can with the mysterious creature. He picked it up from trash and brought it home.

The dragon looks exceptionally realistic. It is difficult to tell whether he is real or fake. The intrigue remains. It was decided to send the find for a thorough analysis.

Mr. Mitchell, who received the can from Mr. Heart is today's proud possessor of the find. He claims, “The winged pangolin is absolutely perfect. His tiny teeth, his face, the umbilical cord, everything appears stunning. I am inclined to believe that it is a fake made from natural rubber, since Germany had been one of the world's largest manufacturers of this product at the time. It can also be made of wax. Anyone who sees it exclaims with passion: 'He is real!'"


Source: Utro.Ru       

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Author`s name Andrey Mikhailov