Moscow Doctors Cure of Blushing

Often people think that others blush when they say lies
The Stolichnaya Vechernyaya Gazeta (Stolichnaya Evening Newspaper) reports that anyone may learn to tell lies without blushing. Experts of the Vladimirovsky Research Clinical Institute have solved the problem of "pathological face reddening". An operation lasts for 15 minutes and also saves patients from the inclination to excessive sweating.

The number of people suffering from erythrophobia (this is the scientific term for unhealthy face reddening) amounts to one million in Russia. But only people whose professions are connected with public appearance risk to undergo operations.

Candidate of medical sciences, leading specialist of the Research Institute Vladimir Kuzmichev tells about an operation that is to be soon performed on a student from the Moscow State Institute of Foreign Relations (MGIMO), a prospective diplomat. The young man suffers from acute erythrophobia; it is no good when a diplomat blushes because of various trifles. "We do understand those public figures and politicians who want to solve the face reddening problem. Indeed, face reddening is a physiological process, but often people think that others blush when they say lies."

The new method for face reddening treatment is implantation of tiny titanic clips into underarms. The clips pinch a cluster of nerve fibers responsible for blood delivery to skin. For patients with normal weight the operation lasts about 15 minutes.

The doctor performed the first operation on his colleague, a nurse, and the operation was a success. Later, the woman sent a letter to Vladimir Kuzmichev, thanked for the operation and said even her private life improved when she was cured of face reddening. 

Even though the method seems to be so simple, doctors perform operations selectively. The success of the operation makes up 85-90 per cent. Like any other interference into the human body, implantation of the clips may cause complications.

The doctor tells that once a husband took his wife to the research institute and wanted her to be operated and saved from excessive face reddening. But after talking to the couple the doctor refused. He said that the problem was not particularly serious for the life of the two people to risk the woman's life.

Experts of the research institute say that the number of men wishing to get rid of face reddening is much higher as compared with the number of women.

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Author`s name Michael Simpson