Scientists explain Moses' miracle

Moses' miracle with the parting waters described in the Bible can in fact be explained from the scientific standpoint.

Israelites could really cross the Suez canal from one shore to another, claim Russian scientists Naum Voltsinger and Alexei Androsov from the Institute of Oceanography located in St. Petersburg.

That was the exact place of the Biblical sea, which Moses had crossed in order to get to the promised land, informs the article entitled “Modeling of the hydrodynamic situation of the Great Outcome.” The article was published in “Izvestia RAN”. “Echo of the planet” magazine offers several excerpts from the article.

At a depth of 6-7 meters at the northern, narrow part of the Suez canal exists a transversal reef. It has been recently cut by a fairway, report hydrologists. In Biblical times, the reef situated much higher. As a result of numerous earthquakes which have been taking place in the region in the course of thousands of years, the reef had suffered major deteriorations, inform the scientists.

Scientific calculations of the exact region of the Suez canal and the adjacent part of the Red Sea clearly indicate that during low-tide and wind blowing at 33m/sec, sea level right above the reef can decrease to 20-25 cm. Such phenomenon happens only above the reef. Beside it, sea level remains the same.

Scientists were able to determine that the sandbank (2-3m wide) remains exposed only for up to four hours. This time is enough to reach the opposite Eastern shore. There is an incredibly low probability of such occurrence. However, it does take place once in 50,000 years.

Perhaps, the event so vividly depicted in the Bible describes this precise natural wonder. Israelites had enough time to cross the canal, while their Egyptian followers with chariots were a bit late. Wheels of their chariots got stuck on both sides of the reef thus disabling them from moving forward, reports ITAR-TASS.   

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Author`s name Andrey Mikhailov