Casanova's secrets revealed

Long before various artificial stimulators, people learnt to acquire appetite for love right at the table.

In his work “The Power of Desire”, one famous Italian sexologist Willy Pazinni writes the following: “Desire is a mysterious process. It is almost impossible to predict the moment of its ignition and then determine the reason for its traceless departure. All of such influencing factors and reasons tend to change not only from day to day but also hourly.” Nevertheless, it has already been determined that men tend to “love with their eyes”. While being overwhelmed with the influence of testosterone, they are more reactive towards visual stimuli. Women, on the contrary, do not love with their “ears” as commonly perceived, but with their “noses”.

Increased level of estrogen in the middle of a menstrual cycle causes extreme sensitivity of olfactory receptors. That is why properly chosen cologne is capable of arousing women's every nerve.

What other tricks are there to offer to great lovers? Long before various artificial stimulators, people learnt to acquire appetite for love at the table. Certainly, at least one of the following items will be appealing to present day lovers.

Chocolate. Ancient Aztecs used to consume coco right before the foreplay. Nowadays, it is a proven fact that theobromine containing in chocolate has the same arousing impact on a person as caffeine. Chocolate consumption in turn causes secretion of endorphins, famous happiness hormone.

Champagne. This drink more than anything fits for the beginning of a romantic love affair. One should be remember of course that over consumption of this alcoholic beverage may lead to rather saddening consequences. This is a bubbly drink and excess consumption of it might lead to excess gas formation in your stomach. The outcome can in fact be quite embarrassing.

Celery. In Middle Ages people believed in magical powers of this plant. It was believed that if a woman consumes celery, it will increase her chances of conceiving a boy. Also, the plant’s juice is capable of turning the most indifferent man into a magnificent love-machine.

Spices. Spicy food is considered to be the most appropriate before passionate nights. Cinnamon, nutmeg, cardamom and saffron are the most important to consider. They have a revitalizing effect on the entire body and possess numerous healthy qualities.

Dill. There was a time when dill had been excluded from monasteries’ menus. It was believed that this plant has arousing effect on a person. A small bunch of dill will help you to remain sexually fit!

Ginger. For centuries, this plant has been used as “man's best friend.” It is known for helping men who suffer from erectile dysfunctions. Ginger is also known to increase sperm count. Ginger widens blood vessels in the region of small pelvis. It is more effective fresh or canned than dried. One should be cautious to consume big servings of ginger, for it is known to make people more irritated.

Vanilla. Vanilla is often associated with innocent pleasures. It is a good cure from congenial asthenia. Many man claim that they dislike vanilla scent. However the term “sweet woman” was made up by no accident. One should be careful with using vanilla scent for it may cause a major headache.

Obviously, all of these recipes constitute just a small portion of an entire pool of various substances meant to ignite one's passion.          

Source: “Vrachebnie Tainy” (Doctor's Mysteries #8, 2002)


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Author`s name Andrey Mikhailov