Sensational News: Joan of Arc was not executed. She died at 57

A Ukrainian anthropologist Sergey Gorbenko claims that Joan of Arc was not burned at the stake. She lived till 57.

He was able to reach such conclusion after examining several skulls of the French royal family of Ludwig XI at the Notre Dame de Cleri Cathedral near Orleans, reports Ukrainian newspaper “Uryadovy cur’r” (“The Government's courier”).

In the course of his studies, the anthropologist revealed that a skull which used to be considered to belong to the king himself, in fact belongs to a woman. Authentic king’s skull turned out to be previously considered skull of his wife Charlotte.

Later, Gorbenko discovered that the King's wife has died at 38. The skull he examined however belonged to a 55-57 year-old-woman. After carefully examining the remains, correspondence of the royal family members, numerous engravings and chronics, it appeared obvious that “the woman whose skull had been mistaken for that of King Ludwig XI for 100 years, turned out to be Joan of Arc herself,” tells Gorbenko.

Ukrainian anthropologist was haunted by doubts regarding a sixteen-year-old peasant girl's ability to wear heavy knight's amour. Some of the survived letters of Joan of Arc indicate that she was extremely knowledgeable person, thus disproving a preconceived notion of being a mere peasant from Lorraine.

As it was later determined, the original Joan of Arc was in fact Margarita d’Champdiver, later Valua. She was am illegitimate child of King Karl VI and his mistress Odetta d'Champdiver. The king raised his daughter as a true warrior for self-defense, since both of his sons had been defeated in a fight for the throne by Louis' supporters. In order to avenge himself, Karl VI has acknowledged his son in law Henry V of Lancaster as his successor. Majority of French nobleman accepted King’s proposal lawful and did not resist the Englishmen.

Karl VII did not have any legitimate rights for the throne. He had to use God’s ideology and protection in a fight for power. It was during this time that a new legend of a virgin who is destined to save France is being created. This role was assigned to Margarita d'Champdiver.

After numerous victories, Joan of Arc's began to annoy Margarita and Karl VII. Such constant female's leadership was becoming too dangerous for the army. Besides, margarita was planning to start a family. So a precise plan had been developed according to which Joan d'Arc was supposed to disappear for good. However, Englishmen took another woman captive. Instead of burning d'Champdiver at stake, a different woman had been executed.

Several facts indicate Joan d'Arc was buried and not burnt. For instance, the woman's (pseudo Joan d'Arc) face was cloaked when she was burnt at the stake on May 30, 1431. There also exists a burial tomb where one can clearly see the virgin's seal.

Ukrainian anthropologist claims, “I did not discover anything that could discredit Joan of Arc. She was a magnificent leader, a true believer in God, a loyal wife and a kind mother. Can these facts sabotage her sainthood?”

Gorbenko is certain that “Papa and Vatican are entitled to canonize Joan of Arc and no scientific discoveries can disprove this.”

Source: RIA “Novosti”

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Author`s name Andrey Mikhailov