X-war technologies caused the deaths of well-known Russian politicians

Today the global X-war is in the full swing, and in some areas it has already reached its “boiling point”.
On January, 6, Krasnoyarsk court finished the legal hearing of the case on the helicopter crash which caused the death of governor Alexander Lebed and his companions. The helicopter crew commander has been sentenced to three years of imprisonment, and "human mistakes" factor has been named the cause of the tragedy.  We are not going to undermine the official version, but the version of Krasnoyarsk physicist Pavel Polujan is worth mentioning.

Pavel, in April of 2003 "Pravda.ru" published your hypothesis about the existence of mysterious whirlwinds weapon. In particular, you said that the accident of Alexander Lebed's helicopter had been arranged by somebody. Do you still have the same opinion?

I cannot be absolutely sure, but we all are well aware of the several mysterious accidents which caused the deaths of several well-known politicians, Army officers and public figures. As a rule, the causes of such accidents were not discovered, yet the version of malicious intention was excluded - there were neither signs of explosion nor the evidence of any diversion - mechanical failure made by people. However, it is quite possible to assume that these incidents resulted from the acts of terrorism with the use of secret whirlwinds weapon. No traces of such weapons remain – the plane or helicopter simply falls down to the ground after entering the zone of so-called modified environment. Plane wings and helicopter propeller are designed for certain characteristics of air. If air characteristics become different, the machine becomes unstable.

 How is it possible to change the characteristics of atmosphere?

There are various ways. For example, devices modifying ionosphere with the help of powerful radar radiation have been introduced for antimissile defense. In Alaska such HAARP system was deployed, and the international community raised concerns that it can seriously broke the established energetic balance of the Earth atmosphere. For the devices flying at lower altitudes other methods can be used, as creating artificial turbulence in air.

It is known that for a long time the USSR and the USA were secretly elaborating so-called "climatic weapon". There is a belief  that it is possible to cause cyclones, typhoons and tornado over the unfriendly county, as if they were caused by natural disasters. My friend, physicist told me about the tests conducted under the conditions of strict secrecy in one of the Institutes of Novosibirsk Academgorodok (Academic Town) which researched the behavior of whirlwinds in a viscous liquid – namely, in what way the outer intervention influences them. It is not known how far the military was able to move in this direction, but some experts suspect that some natural disasters we encounter may be produced artificially. For example, politician Vladimir Zhirinovsky publicly accused Americans of causing the recent hurricane in Moscow.

However, such global climatic changes are only one of the possible displays of artificial intervention into the air environment. The whirlwinds weapon has less destructive capacity, but is more compact and precise. Let us take an empty coffee jar with a plastic cover, and do a round hole in the tin bottom. If you click onto the plastic surface opposite to the bottom, whirlwinds having capacity to blow off a candle will be released out of the round hole. What actually happens? The solid plane strikes the gas, causing airwave “attached to” the edges of the hole, and the circular "bagel" has been formed. This whirlwind turns from the piece of amorphous air into something like a compact object, strong and elastic - some kind of the air shell, capable to pass certain distance. Artillerists are well aware that the breech end of a gun is not required to be made hermetic, while shooting whirlwinds "stick" in cracks and in this way block the holes. Therefore the energy of explosion isapplied only to pushing the shell and is not spent in vain. In other words, whirlwind (air cork) is rather firm substance.

Let us imagine that the jar having a hole is replaced with some round plane in size of a small suitcase, and high-frequency electromagnetic field created above it pushes some mass of artificially ionized air. In this case airwave will be formed again, but its edges also twist after grasping the atmosphere gas on the borders of this cylinder. Then the column of whirlwinds will be activated by the circle and pass tens of meters. This column will be cone-shaped and as it will be removing from the activator, it will be gradually losing its energy. Something like huge inverted pyramid formed of thin and dense whirlwinds going one by one will arise in the air. Such weapons can be applied to hitting low-flying targets: helicopters, small planes etc. Yet a big passenger airliner may also crash if in encounters artificial "tornado" of such sort.

The word "tornado" here is conventional - air whirls arise not around one axis, but around the circles strung on this axis. Although such intervention into quiet atmosphere inevitably causes various atmosphere streams of whirlwinds in different directions. Any expert in aerodynamics will agree with the reality of such a scheme. However, there is no information confirming the existence of similar military devices. Therefore I am not in a position to declare: the accidents of helicopters and small planes which caused the deaths of the well-known politicians and public figures (Borovik, Fyodorov, Lebed etc.), were conducted with the use of the whirlwinds weapon by certain killers hired by somebody. It is also hard to imagine that the whirlwinds weapon was used when "unexpected impulse of wind " destroys some architectural construction (for example, the case when such a whirlwind demolished the roof Krasnoyarsk Aluminum Plant Administration, and then the part of the plant shares was sold to other owners). However, one has to bear in mind: all which and be achieved on the technical or scientific level, sooner or later becomes reality.

In other words, in case of governor Lebed’s helicopter crash we can suspect possible diversion, but unable to prove it?

For this case I would not decline the suspicions. I just wanted to draw the public attention to the X-war technologies.

 What do you mean by  “X-war”?

Special secret mode of conducting wars. This concept was developed, when it became clear that direct military conflict will inevitably result in nuclear self-destruction. Then the idea appeared that the battle can be conducted while pretending that the conditions of peace are being maintained. In fact, the war is going on, but by the other, “quiet” means. They include the methods of economic and financial diversions, information-psychological technologies aimed at degrading the social structure of the attacked people. Biological diversions infected cattle or agricultural plants or even people, not by some disease causing death, but by an infection planting panic and confusion within the society. Certainly, technical devices causing accidents not only to planes, but to power systems might be created. During the period of "Cold War" much money was invested into the development of the X-war methods and technologies.

Your words make us look at the current world affairs from a different angle.

Certainly. Today the global X-war is in the full swing and in some areas it has already reached the “boiling point”. Meanwhile, the purposes at this war are the same as they used to be - submitting the attacked country by the state-aggressor , taking over its resources, reorienting its economic potential according to the interests of the aggressor. I am not going to name any concrete states here, hoping that the readers can come to the necessary conclusions by themselves.

Pavel Polyan was interviewed by Vasily Pavlov 

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Author`s name Timothy Bancroft-Hinchey